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Archipelis for iPad
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Digital Painting has never been
so much fun: Learn to paint with Particle Brushes!

PD Particles

A fun companion for your
digital photo image editor!
powered by Project Dogwaffle
Can't afford it on your own?

from 2D to 3D in just seconds!
create realistic textured 3D models in seconds
Just trace an outline and see it automagically turn into fully textured 3D shapes for Second Life, Google Sketchup / Google Earth, Direct X & Games, Wavefront OBJ and other popular 3D file formats!

simply trace a shape from a backdrop image, and see it turn into 3D
rapid 3D model creation and prototyping from mere images - for 3D content creation, games, IM Avatars, SL models, 3D illustration in Photoshop(R) and more
New! now also for Mac & iPhone/iPad

Getting started with Digital
Painting on a slim budget:

PD Artist
Draw, Sketch, Animate & Paint
powered by Project Dogwaffle

Fast 3D sketching, colormap, bumpmap and displacement map painting and digital & sculpting:
Curvy 3D
the fun & intuitive way to sculpt!'s not modeling, it's better:
It's liberal sculpting!
Great for Fantasy Art, Concept Art & 3D Design, making 3D props, ...

Special discount coupons available for users of Project Dogwaffle! (ask us)

 Poser 7 and Poser 8 on sale

The perfect marriage:

Poser + Carrara
+ Project Dogwaffle

Do you own an iPad? Would you like to do this on the iPad?

 3D models created on iPad with 3D sculpting software Archipelis
picture by Archipelis

coming soon... stay tuned for more.

Here are a few more views of what's to come: (click images to enlarge)

Powerful tools for spontaneous 3D creativity on the iPad:

more tools:

Transform and assembly tools

Examples:  (click images to enlarge)

There's no need to fight over it.

going nuts and bonkers!

The infamous Rhino, now on your iPad:


powerful animation software, Anime Studio Pro

postwork shop, filter effects, graphics art FX, styles editor

If you like PD Particles then you'll LOVE PD Pro

see what's new in v3.5 
and free update patches

even better, check:
what's new in v4.1?


Curvy 3D fast and easy 3D modeling, sculpting, painting, posing for 2D artists