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Fast 3D sketching, colormap, bumpmap and displacement map painting and digital & sculpting:
Curvy 3D
the fun & intuitive way to sculpt!'s not modeling, it's better:
It's liberal sculpting!
Great for Fantasy Art, Concept Art & 3D Design, making 3D props, ...

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Archipelis Designer
  3D sculpting
on iPhone(!)

 Archipelis for iPhone runs on iPad

Getting started with Digital
Painting on a slim budget:

PD Artist
Draw, Sketch, Animate & Paint
powered by Project Dogwaffle

Artrage is an amazing digital painting program developed by Ambient Design, a company based in New Zealand. artrage homeThey have long focused on making it the closest feel possible to the real thing, real media, real paint, real brushes. Well, as close as digital makes it possible.

ArtRage is available on several platforms, with more to come. If you are looking for a digital painting and neither Dogwaffle or Twistedbrush or Artweaver "clicked" for you, if you're looking for something different (not necessarily more features, i.e. it doesn't do animation or particle brushes or many filters nor Lua scripted extension filters), still if you're looking to try yet another speical gem of software, you must give ArtRage a try. In fact, you might want to learn both Dogwaffle and ArtRage. Each have their strengths, each have their place. ArtRage also have great integration with Photoshop.

Learn more about ArtRage here at

ArtRage is multi-platform and very affordably priced. It will make a great companion to other 3D and 2D digital creativity tools. If you're not happy with what you currently use you should also check out this one. You nver know, maybe you 'll like this interface better, or some of the results it lets you produce. In the end, you're still the artist, but you may just have found a better tool for your way of being an artist.

Recommended companion,
to take your paintings
even further:

postwork shop, filter effects, graphics art FX, styles editor

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Easy, powerful
& affordable 3D
with Carrara 7

Carrara 7 Express, Pro and Standard download
(download versions at DAZ3D based on v7)

Carrara 7 Express
Carrara 7 Standard
Carrara 7 Pro