by Markus Rothkranz

Live Video among 3D Scene
3D animations made with Carrara

In this example the live video clip of Debbie walking over Apple boxes against a bluescreen is
texture-mapped onto a rectangle that slowly moves between the 3D rocks to make her feet
appear to be positioned on the rocks. The camera dolly motion from the live video shoot
is also applied to the Carrara camera in 3D.  All background elements such as mountains, fog,
moving skies and flying bird and the falling rocks are Carrara items.

This is a collection of animations made by Markus Rothkranz for Atomic City using Carrara. There are also examples of 3D over video and video inside 3D (with bluescreen/greenscreen techniques) - See more at  - copyright 2002-2005 Atomic City Productions, all rights reserved - more examples also at Astro Films