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   Overview - Tutorials/Resources - DAZ3D
3d terrain animations in
                                      Carrara, foliage, skies, planets
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Carrara is a complete 3D program for modeling, animation and rendering for Print, Web and Video. It is perfect for anyone who's always wanted to start with 3D but can't afford the big professional alternatives.  Carrara will get you very professional results in just hours, not days, weeks or months - and this on a very tiny budget!
See what's possible:

Click image for the Quicktime movie.
Don't know how to make 3D?
New to 3D modeling? no problem.

This is one of the many free models included on the Content CD of Carrara Studio 3

Perfect for realistic jewelry display and animation, photorealistic rendering, physics based animation.
                                                weekend getaway!
Carrara can be used to make great mountain scenes and landscapes with fully animated atmospherics!

Never heard
of Carrara?

This is the successor to Raydream and Infini-D, both of which were very popular entry-level 3D programs in the 1990's. Carrara shares a similar user interface with Bryce and Poser, all of which were long ago owned by the same company, MetaCreations. If you already know and use either of these other products you'll find it even easier to use  Carrara.
  See Carrara used by Markus Rothkranz:  Iceberg, the movie

Easy to own, fun to learn & ready to use.
See more samples & Resources to learn more!

Very Cool 3D,
Very Hot Graphics!

                                                        lava texture in
                                                        a static 3D

animated texture made in Dogwaffle, mapped over 3D terrain from Carrara
Advanced Rendering - Caustics and Physics based animation

Dropping a pair of interlocking rings, with Physics engine and high-end rendering including caustics.

This animation was done in Carrara 5, but the exact same is possible in Carrara Studio 3. Carrara 4 and 5 however offer great new features beyond. If you like CS3, you will likely want to upgrade to C5 - you'll love it!

click image to play Quicktime movie
(made with QT6, uses H.263 compression codec)
Using Carrara with Poser

You can use Poser models and animations and render them within a Carrara scene or animation.

Note that with Carrara 5, you don't need the plugin anymore,
as Carrara 5 has native Poser import capability!

See more examples of Poser+Carrara together

Project Dogwaffle:

Poser 5 &
Carrara 5  &
PD Pro 3.5

PD Howler

Creating Trees & Plants with Carrara & Dogwaffle

Even if you already have a high-end 3D program, such as Lightwave, you might want to use Carrara as a companion/plugin tool to make stuff like trees & plants. Considering the cost of some of the tree image collections this is a great deal even just to make plants!

3D Text, Titles, Logos

This is one of the easiest and yet oh-so powerful
things to do in your communications:

impressive 3D text, titles and logos.

3D orbiting text and other titling
Digital Landscapes - Carrara's Terrain Editor &Atmospheres
                                                  weekend getaway! mountains and skylines and snow -
                                                  oh my!
take it further: Flight Simulation and Animation over Virtual Terrain

You can use the terrain editor with sophisticated skies and atmospheric effects to create stunning animations.
Using Carrara with Project Dogwaffle for post-work?
There is so much more to do. Using Project Dogwaffle you can take still image renderings from Carrara, or animations, and further enhance them with post-fx filters. Here are some examples:

                                          lines effect   post fx: video lines
a monster in the cave   underwater fx: bubbles

more: post-fx over animations

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 tutorial Collections?

Check the

Carrara User:
Danas Anis
Danas Anis 3D


See what's possible:

Atomic City!

Space Astronaut


Sea Creature

Trees & Plants

more examples

Iceberg, the movie

see more

take a virtual hike!

3D + video:
Atomic City!


make & fly spaceships:

 "fighter 1"
modeled and rendered in
Carrara Studio 3
click image for more

Carrara is a trademark of Eovia Corp.  In Spring 2006, Eovia was acquired by DAZ