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Hold Ctrl to Switch from Paint Brush to Dropper Tool

When you're painting over the base color map or straight onto the 3D object, you often will be switching between various colors. One thing that will help is to undock the color panel from the right area and get it close to the area you're focusing on for painting. That way this will limit the distance for the round trip with the cursor back and forth from the painting area and the color selection area. 

Furthermore, you will often want to pick colors from the already existing colors on your object. Simply press and hold the Control key while painting, and you'll see the cursor switch to the familiar color picker. As soon as you release the Control key, it returns to the brush and lets you paint again. While in the color picker mode, however, drag the cursor over the colors of your object and you'll get to pick the desired color.

Here's a brief video showing a few more scenarios:

on screenr by Articulate - or from YouTube:

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