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Sculpting a Teapot

from blank page to 3D teapot in a few brush strokes

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Here's a quick example of making a prop - a teapot. This one is not meant to be a real model you can fill with hot water. But it will look just fine from outside.

Select a single view from the Views widget in the upper left corner of any current views.

Then select the Front view in the upper right corner's widget.

This is just to make as much place available for drawing as possible.

 You can even toggle the interface on and off, using the Tab key.

Select the default creation tool: Create Lathe.

You are now ready to start drawing the main body of the teapot, with just one brush stroke and either a keyboard shortcut or a menu click.

Draw a wide circular curve around thr right half, like this:

Simply draw the profile of the teapot's main body. You can draw the left side or right side half.

When you release the mouse, it will create a shape that looks a little odd. Don't worry, we're almost there.

The Lathe you have created takes on a symmetrical shape, but it doesn't use the vertical axis of your view as symmetry line. It uses the line going through start and end points.

You could now draw the other half side of the profile. Or you can make it simpler by forcing it to be perfectly symmetrical:

Select the Local Mirror option from the Object menu. The curve you just drew will be implicitly duplicated to the symmetrical other side and it will thus create a symmetrical body for the teapot.

Note that it doesn't actually create or show a second curve, so this is different from you drawing a second, independent curve. The curve is hidden, implied. Plus, if you make changes to the first and only curve you drew, the other symmetrical side will follow the changes, keeping the teapot body symmetrical all along.

For example, select the Widgit Move tool, and click the first curve so it turns from Orange to Yellow,

If the object is not currently selected, use right-click to select it.

Or you can click the Lathe object in the groups list along the left side, if visible.


Then click and drag some of the points along the curve. For example, drag the lower-right rim point even further to the bottom right.

Release the mouse, to see the new shape. In fact, depending on the speed of your system, the curve will immediately be followed by the new shape as you move and reshape the curve.

Likewise, adjust the shape in a few other places. When you're done create the exact shape for the teapot, hit the Spacebar The yellow curve turns orange again, indicating that you're no longer in the widgit editing mode where you could change the curve's shape, but the curve is still selected, and so is the object the curves belongs to. Hit SPACEBAR once more, and that will complete the creation and editing of the object, and deselect it.

If you switch back to 4 views you might now see something like this:

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