you can fly!?PD Pro and Project Dogwaffle...

Text and Titling

 The fun and power of Dogwaffle is also in its Text tool. Let your imagination go wild!

The Text and visual FX for this banner were made in Project Dogwaffle:

The new, improved  Text tool which was introduced with v2 of Project Dogwaffle can be used with many tools such as alpha channel and gradients, animated brushes and more. Additional filters can create even more special text effects.

When activating the text tool, several options appear that let you choose how the text is actually put to work.

By default, the text is "plain text" and uses the current primary color.

However, you can also use the fill settings and gradient colors. A chrome effect or other mettalic looks can be created with that.

Instead of applying to color, the text can also be written into the alpha channel. Once it's there then you can grow or blur or do other things with the selection mask in the alpha channel.

the text tool

It is also possible to load the text into a custom brush.
The text tool can even build an animated brush, using the letters of the text string sequentially.
Here is an example of  applying the text in the simplest way with the current color, and then using a wet paint filter.
wet paint
In this example we used the fill settings with a  gradient to make the color change vertically.

Here's using the text into the alpha channel - marching ants showing the mask.
With the alpha mask in place we can liberally paint over the letters to colorize at will.

We can re-apply the same text in alpha again and use it with "Emboss by Alpha"

From the alpha you can throw a shadow. Here we also have filled left-to-right with a gradient.
Another option is to load the text into the custom brush.

Here's a first pass into alpha, which is then grown and blurred. The color red is used with an airbrush to fill the selection. A second text in same position is then drawn over it in white at original size.

From the previous, we applied color sobel edge detection filter, and light diffusion (in blur).

Emboss by Alpha, Alpha shadow, Alpha glow (after inversion of alpha).

copy to Swap, Jitter-displace-by-swap, color-emboss.

The alpha can also be used for embossing. Great when used against a background image such as a digital photo.

Here's an animation with a mystic vision filter.

Here's more. Paper texture enabled for the canvas look underneath, slightly grow the alpha to fill with black, then return to the original alpha and  liberally paint greentones through it, leaving a black border around the text, then use the alpha for casting a shadow...
how much wood would a wood-chuck chuck if...
This one has a slight Light-Diffusion filter applied to it for a blurry/glary look on the brite white outlines.

Click here
for an animation.
(Flash format)

This effect uses the brush strokes filter (started from a photo), then some light embossing, then Mystic Vision for sun rays effect.

Or if you think the skiing is better on Mars, how about these, to go skiing on the slopes of Olympus Mons?

Embossing by Alpha...

[click image to enlarge]

Edge Detection or Sobel Edge Detection...

[click image to enlarge]
Vertical Gradient Fill, or plain and simple horizontally painting with airbrush through the selection mask;
Shadow cast from Alpha...

[click image to enlarge]

    The Many Ways to Say Yes ...

there is no end or limit to exploring with Project Dogwaffle.
Work with images in the Swap buffer: Combine, displace, ...
apply filters: edge detect, wet paint, mystic vission,...

Let's see... Draw the word by hand,then edge detect, (Color Sobel Edge?)

Oh, and vertical gradient fill, each letter. Good  amount of tolerance on the fill.

Another Edge detect, then slight blur?

Mystic vission, then a few Auras from the Linear tool (red/yellow colored)

Or just blur...

... then a second edge detect. I love that black inner line inside the wider white lines.
Color fill with some tolerance and vertical color gradient.


This filter will give it a hand-painted look from a brush with short bristles.

Gaussian blur over the prior image.

Edge detect on that one. (Sobel edge)

Inverse (Negative)
Wireframe Designer
Wet Paint
wet paint effect
Z noise, with gradient
Z noise
Video Lines
video lines
Paper texture
paper texture