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Latest Contest:
the 10th Planet - Celebrating a Discovery
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Tornado Chase Art Contest

Antarctica: Eclipse contest

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Summer 2005:
Planet  'X'
an art contest to celebrate the discovery of a 10th planet
in our solar system

Out of this World!

Your mission, should you accept it, is simple: draw a picture of what you think this strange new world might look like. Use the free version of Project Dogwaffle, 1.2, or whichever version you have, and make good use of the Spherize tool. Paint the surface map, cloud maps, put them together, drop shadpws from clouds to the ground, and then spherize it all. Add background stars, nebulae and more.

Here are some tutorials  which might be helpful for space art creation:

Ok, so we've all been inspired by the discovery of the 10th planet.   It's time to roll up your sleeves and get busy dreaming and painting.  Imagine what the planet looks like, and take your best shot. Use Project Dogwaffle, any
version, with the Spherize tool.

- paint the flat surface in a rectangle of 1024x1024 or higher resolution.
- add polar caps, craters, mountain peaks with snow caps,...
- add a layer of clouds, storms, hurricanes, lightning...
- add shadow drops from the clouds to the surface
- put it all together, Spherize it, load as brush with solid sphere and transparent background
- stomp it over a neat space background sky of nebulae, stars, milkyway, ....  must also be made in Dogwaffle. No photo compositions
- add an atmospheric glow, aurora borealis and australis, meteors impacts, shooting stars, comets, ....

- alien outpost station area  51....?

- You may use 3D renderings to compose with the Dogwaffle scene. For example for orbital spaceships, rockets, satellites, ...

- Deadline:   starts after Siggraph, August 8, ends September 30
- Prizes:  TBD. We'll look for donations from 2D, 3D and hardware.
- Formats:  TBD, probably 1024x768 Jpeg best quality.

- When and Where to Submit Your Artwork: 
We're still working on the details. Don't start submitting until mid September. You may however want to post on the 3dcommune.com  image galleries (2D graphics section) to create awareness, or on the Yahoogroups.com/group/dogwaffle forum forum.

- Still Images - two categories:     realistic     vs.  fantasy/funny   (alien worlds, orbital junk,...)

Members of families with over 20 hours of in-orbit or micro-gravity flight  experience are excluded ....er, no,  particularly welcome!

Ready.... set..... paint!

NASA Article:
10th Planet Discovered

Space Books:

Eclipse Chaser:

Mars Orbiter:

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the Art Contest with a Twist:
(Spring 2005)
The Tornado Chase Art Contest

Tornado season is here. Time to put your dramatic painting or 
animation skills together. Create a stormy sky. Make a Tornado  twist. Add lightning, hail, rain... use compositions with photos or  3D animation. New: use your own preferred software. We encourage you to try any version  of Project  Dogwaffle including the free v1.2 but if you have another paint program you feel more comfortable with don't let that stop you. You can also use a mix of 3D software or just paint by hand on paper or other media, start from a photograph (as long as you own copyrights to it), etc...  Let's Twist!
The contest is now closed.
We have 3 winners:

3rd place with 16% of the votes, Lyla Bettis (picture #3)
2nd place with 27% of the votes, Betty Sun (picture #7)
and last but not least  (drrrrrrrrrrrrrrum roll please!)
1st place with 38% of the votes:  Ed Melvin  (picture #11)

 (you will need to join the Yahoogroups Dogwaffle forum, get your free YahooID if you don't have one yet)

 View them here!

original photo by Klipsi, animation and special fx made in PD Pro

A touchup tutorial
on Tornados by
Peter Draper:

Got a Vacation coming?
Don't know where to go? Chase your own storms!


Never saw a tornado, never felt a hurricane, or dodged  baseball-size hail?

Need inspiration or a storm-chaser's adrenaline rush? Visit 
 Follow Klipsi during his Storm chasing this spring along the Tornado Alley.

  1.  choice of PD Pro 3 (download) or two tutorial collections
  2.  choice of one Upgrade to PD Pro 3 from v2  or  one of the tutorial collections
  3. choice of Project Dogwaffle 2 or a tutorial collection

 Happy waffling!

Subject to change anytime without notice. We may move the contest to another location if we find a suitable sponsor/partner.

Project Dogwaffle and

 The Gathering of the Emperors:

White Continent - Sudden Darkness

New! See the latest images, read and listen to the latest satellite phone reports! Click-a-penguin

Out of this World!

The 2003 Antarctica  Solar Eclipse Art Event

See the latest images and movies: click here

                          penguin eclipse video game
Sue Blackman used Radishworks' Cosmos Creator to write a very funny video game, you're a penguin joining in for an eclipse watching party.
Get the game (for PC).
More screenshots at the bottom of this page here.

Planning a vacation on Mars? Don't think you can afford the round trip?  check Univelt

Hey Birds & Kids
of all feathers and ages!

A few years ago we brought you the 1998 Carribean Eclipse

Well it's that time again. In November 2003, another Total Eclipse of our Sun will occur, this time over the Antarctic continent. Join  eclipse- and storm chaser Klipsi who will be there - on russian icebreaker expedition ship, the Kapitan Klebnikov!

go Klipsi
Read all about the 
Eclipse of the Sun
November 2003
 here at the 
home of Klipsi

go Penguins
Wow! a fun 
Penguin Chat 
by RocketSnail.com !!! 
Maziero quality time

copyright (c) 2003
                            Dan Ritchie

- the Challenge

But Klipsi won't be alone - thousands of penguins live there! And while some researchers and students from Swiss schools are preparing to study their behaviour during totality, we'd like to invite you to celebrate the event ahead of time by getting creative and drawing a picture of what you think it might look like during totality in Antarctica. Imagine you're a penguin and watch the eclipse from the tip of an iceberg... STOP. Hold that thought, freeze your mental picture, and get busy painting.

- the Tools

2D  - You'll need some kind of paint program. 

If you're on a PC then you should be able to use the free Project Dogwaffle v1.11b, the (un)natural paint program. But if you're on a different platform or if you already have your preferred paint program, then don't worry, be cool as a Penguin's foot, that's no problem. We don't want to limit your creativity just because you may be using a different system. In fact, if you prefer to draw or paint with the real stuff, such as gouache, aquarelle, oil, pencil, crayons etc... then that's fine with us too. Once it's dry you can scan or take a photo of your  artwork and send that in. You can even use 3D programs or a mix of imaging and 3D tools. Have fun, be creative.  Just as long as there's some ice, some darkness in the skies, and some ''walking birds in tuxedos''.

3D - make a 3D Penguin with Amapi

You can get a free version of Amapi 3D v4.15 from amapi.idevgames.com  for Mac (OS 9) and PC. You can register with your email address for a free version of version 5.15 and others at amapi.net (french download section, there's even a Linux version of Amapi v2.11 - look here).  For tutorials on using Amapi check staigerland.com/amapi  or tgsmirror1.com/Marketing/Amapi

If you don't want to spend any time making your own penguin you may use this one we made in Amapi and saved in several 3D file formats, all zipped into a single archive here: guin/guin3.zip

Other 3D Programs . . .

If you have other 3D modelers, no problem. It doesn't matter what you use. You can find some other 3D modelers which are free or affordable. And if you have just about $30 USD to spend on Carrara Studio 1.1 you may be able to find it at Purplus.com - check them out, they offer lots of discounted software which is a few years old but still kicking. And knowing that Strata Base is free and that for $99 you can get Carrara 3D Basics or that there are free versions if TrueSpace and learning editions of Maya etc... realize that there's lots of ways to test your mettle in 3D modeling and animation without instantly turning into a broke artist. Hey, aren't you glad you were born on this the greatest planet in the solar system?

- the Treat

We will have two categories:

Still images
Once you have your drawing on file, save it and convert it to a Jpeg image at 800x600 pixels and good quality (around 80% up to 100%). 

Make sure the filename contains your first name and country so it's somewhat unique.
gwin gogh

You can create animations in various ways. Dogwaffle lets you create animations which you can save as a sequence of images. Then use something like Irfanview or GifMovieGear to combine the frames.

Save your movie into an animated Gif if you have only a few colors (toon cell shading, up to 256 colors). Or if you have more colors (thousands or millions) turn it into a Quicktime or Avi with commonly used compression codecs. Zip the whole thing up (or stuff it with Stuffit) to keep it reasonably small for email attachment. We may need to convert it to a different format for displaying it.

Ready?  > See Stills
Ready? > See Animations

How to submit your artwork to us:

 Email your art to <sorry - this email is no longer available>  and tell us just this so we can show it with the picture in the gallery:
  • the title of your artwork
  • your first name
  • your age
  • the country where you live
  • and which tool(s) you used to make your artwork
If you are sending a still image send it as Jpeg image if possible at least 800x600 pixels and good quality. We reserve the right to adjust/cut/crop/resize if needed. If you are sending an animation compress (zip) it.

We'll add your artwork to a gallery to be shown here. Of course you retain ownership of the artwork, but by sending it to us you give us permission to show it in the gallery.

There may be some prizes but we haven't sorted that out yet. We're thinking of a system where you the audience will be voting. This may be just for the fame and fun of it. Oh well, there's still a little time. For now, just have fun and be creative.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

silver squirrel

    Need some inspiration before creating your own artwork?
    Read Dan Ritchie's new novel here:  Silver Squirrel

More Images from Sue Blackman's
Penguin Eclipse game
made with Radishworks Cosmos Creator
Get the game (for PC/Windows).