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Project Dogwaffle Professional demo/trial

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Ray tracing in
PD Howler 9
Puppy Ray!

Here are free evaluation versions of PD Pro also known as Project Dogwaffle Professional, so you can try it before you buy. It's a good way to test if your PC is ready to run PD Howler. A few features were removed, such as saving & exporting or passing data back to the Clipboard.

A new demo/trial version is available for the following:
  • PD Pro Howler 9.5 Demo new! - also good for trying PD Artist 9.6!
A demo/trial version is also available for the following:
  • PD Pro Howler 9.2 Trial  
A free Home Learning edition is also available:
  • PD Howler 8.2 free Home Learning Edition

If you like what you see in the demo versions, then rest assured that you will truly LOVE what's in the full versions.  Interested in purchasing the full version? See current pricing


PD Howler 9.5   -  the Free Demo

(Also good for learning about PD ARtist 9.6)

pd                                          howler demoTrial of Howler v9.5 ... get it here  

This newest version has Puppy Ray, the fun and surprisingly addictive raytracer from Project Dogwaffle, a new side-by-side mode for many filters, and lots more. It also adds Erosion, Clouds and other great features for 3D landscape modeling in 3D Designer

Learn more about what's new in v9.5 (and 9.6 and beyond!)

IMPORTANT Note for users of PD Artist 9.6:

PD Artist includes code from PD Howler 9.6, and that includes 9.5. So if you are interested in trying the features from PD Artist 9.6, you will be well served by trying this version 9.5 of PD Howler too. Simply ignore any option or menu for animation (except for animated brushes). Ignore the Animation menu altogether. Ignore the 'Animated...' option the the Filters. Ignore any regular filter's "Anim" or "Animated" option. Most of these are features only found in PD Howler. Apart from that, you should be able to do almost everything that's in PD Artist by trying it in PD Howler.

Note also that this is the demo from Howler 9.5, and there has since been another free update to v9.6. So you will still only test most of it, but certainly not all of it. Read here for more details about PD Artist 9.6

  PD Howler 9.2   -  the Free Trial

                                          howler demo
Trial of Howler v9.2 ... get it here  

PD Howler is fast professional painting and animation powered by a new generation of Project Dogwaffle. This newest version has Puppy Ray, the fun and surprisingly addictive raytracer from Project Dogwaffle, a new side-by-side mode for many filters, and lots more.

PD Howler 8.2d - Free(!) Home Learning Edition

pd howler demo
Probably still available here

You may have seen it in some promotions such as Give-away- of the day, or magazine cover disks. On rare occasions, it can be found here too.

Other versions available Free

(in some cases with purchase of another product or service):

Trialpay (several versions)

free v1.2

Howler 9.2 - the world's cutest t-rex

World's cutest T-rex

PD Howler 9.2 is here!
Powered by Michel Agullo's toon sticker brushes

Can't pay for it?
Buy something else, and see if you can get it free:
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                through TrialPay

Puppy Ray!


see our new slideshow

3D Stickers
by Michel Agullo

new in v9.0