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B. J. Bradley

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B.J. Bradley is married with three children and lives in the Midwest where the nicest people in the world reside. She owns an electrical contracting business with her husband.

B.J. Bradley is also currently a part time teacher who has worked with all age groups from kindergarten through high school. B.J. Bradley is the author of several nonfiction books physical and eBooks including Elizabeth I- Drama Queen which is the most popular.

Although she enjoys writing biographies and books for the teen crowd, she is just as enthusiastic about working on picture books for children. Among the books she has worked on is a simple guide to the Constitution for the littlest of people.

She likes the silliness of the Froggy and Dumb Bunny books, the sweetness of Curious George, the wackiness of Dr. Seuss, and cleverness of the Skippyjon Jones books.

She is currently in the process of creating a picture book series about a little girl who refuses to wear Tille and aligatorher shoes.

Why wear shoes when you can do everything in your socks!

Miss Tillie Tuppet flips
flapjacks, does the hokey-pokey, eats snicker doodles, and runs from an alligator wearing only her socks.

B.J. is currently working on a third book in which our friend Tillie finds herself catching tadpoles and skiing down a slope wearing- you guessed it- just her socks.
Tillie loves to ski

bear arms

Included in the following works are a few pictures from -We the People- The 27 Amendments of The United Constitution as well as Tillie Tuppet out and about in her socks.

In earlier years B.J
. studied the likes of Boris Vallejo and other such artists, but prefers drawings for children and cartoons.

Although comfortable with pen and pencil, she feels the same satisfaction can be achiev
ed through computerized paint programs. The ease of Doblack votegwaffle, as well as minimal cleanup- sloughing the remnants of granola bars or candy bar wrappers off the computer keyboard after closing out of a project- leaves more time for creative thoughtful ideas. As long you have a portable computer, Dogwaffle should be with you always. You never know when a sudden thought or image will pop in to your head. Dogwaffle offers fun features such as the smear feature, glow feature, and the spattering feature. The program offers an excellent variety of brushes.

Tille goes

Added features Dogwaffl
e might consider could be landscape terrains; desert, forest, snowy, farm, prairie grasses, mountains, water, ect… or crowd scenes small or large, adults, children, etc..

Tillie makes bubbles

The best
thing about Dogwaffle is the excellent communication and concern an artist will receive from the creators. As a business owner I can attest to the fact that while being creative is its own wonderful world, art is still a business and having the creators of Dogwaffle take the time to make things right when an artist has a question about the program only enhances the program even more.


Learn more about Tillie Tuppet and B.J. Bradley here at

Tillie Tuppet blowing bubbles - at
                          lulu.comTillie Tuppet - dancing to the jukebox -
                          available at lulu.comTillie Tuppet - We the people - at

 Halloween 2012 - New Images:

                          she's hiding from a spider...

                          sipping apple spider

eating peanut butter and jelly

Tillie Tuppet blowing bubbles - at

New Pics!

eating peanut butter and jelly

hiding from a spider

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