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Bill Fleming
Dogwaffler of the moment, April 2003

Fire SkyI have worked in Digital Arts and Media for many years, written and published books on 3D and fantasy art, particularly focusing on the art of texturing and painting characters and creating backdrops. As such I have of course used just about any program out there you can imagine. 

I find that Dogwaffle is a fascinating paint program, with a wealth of tools and filters. Not only is it a welcome addition to my other professional programs, it is also a lot of fun and a productive tool. This didn't come as a surprise though, considering that Dogwaffle is being developed by a professional animator, who knows exactly what kinds of tools and features he needs himself in such a production environment. 

While there are a few things left on my wish list for future enhancements of Dogwaffle, I feel that anyone interested in painting or drawing fantasy art on a tight budget should consider taking a good look at Dogwaffle 1.5 and at the very least check out the free version 1.11b.

-Bill Fleming 2003,
Heaven's Eye
Water's Edge

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