Dogwaffler of the Moment - May 2005:

Carmen Keys

I love dogwaffle

   [got DOTM?  


black faery
black Faery

I just wanted you to know, I think this program is pure genius!  I just got version 3, and I'm nowhere near knowing how to use it all---but it's sure fun to try.  I started with the free version and have kept updating ever since.  I have lots of "industry standards" like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but Dogwaffle is by far my favorite.  I tell everyone about it, even my graphic design professors.  I've made a few converts as well!  Awesome job.  :) 

I do also have a website at dancingdoestudios and a portfolio at EBSQart. Both sites mostly focus on my traditional media stuff.

Carmen Keys :)

This one is an
casserole, I call it
"The Soul's Window":

   Sidhe Priestess:
sidhe priestess
The Soul's Window

Sidhe Priestess Cream:
sidhe priestess cream
Blue Faery:
Blue Faery

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