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Donna L. Smith

Dogwaffler of the moment, March 2003

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DL. Smith (aka Makwakwe and Northstarr) has been oil painting for many many years, 40 years to be exact.  She fell in love with computer graphics about 4 years ago when she discovered Photoshop.  She has been making free custom graphics and designing web pages for about 3 years pretty much using only Photoshop.  She is only now discovering other graphics and paint programs and is in the process experimenting with Dogwaffle. 
"I love this program.  It is the only one I have found so far that allows me to paint on the computer in almost the same way as I would paint in oils on a real canvas."  "I admit I am still very much a novice with Dogwaffle, but I am having a ball with it!"

Websites include:
and a Renderosity Gallery

> Falls <
> Mirrored Trees < 
This one is called "Mirrored Trees", 

It might be interesting to note that this was an experiment using Dogwaffle's "mirage filter" and the "organic brushes".

This one is a little abstract but colourful.  

I did it using the sphere filter.  

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