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Iman  A. Omar

(July 2003)
   This iraqi electrical engineer, now living in Germany, uses traditional paint and  project Dogwaffle for hobby painting. She shares her love for the great masters like Gauguin, Picasso, Matisse and others, as well as some of her own impressions of daily life in Bahgdad, from street Bazaar scenes to the traditional tea ceremony .




Hi, my name is Iman Omar,

I use Dogwaffle to paint these paintings so I wish you like them.

I am iraqi electrical engineer woman, resident in Germany near Konstanz, as hobby I draw my pictures with your program. I find it so easy & free for me drawing with P.C. is more easy.
I have 74 pictures  all in my P.C, I have no (web)site just one Iraqi site shows my  work named: (look for 'Iman') - before damage happen in my computer hard drive I drew 220 pictures, all lost, now I make these new 74 pictures,  I have many ideas but no time for that.

 I study German Language, and prepare my papers for work so in the little time that I have left I draw which I like ....

I don't have a formal education in art, it's just my hobby, but I have read a lot about iraki art, and global art, I love Picasso, Gaugin, Matisse... and your grandfather's art (stain glass artist Otto Staiger)

I am very busy, after working on electrical grid for 17 years in Bahgdad I must relearn, take driver's license, pass engineering permits and so on, learn German language, I forgot all the french I learned long ago, so it is very nice relaxation to use Dogwaffle for painting my art and explore.