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caricature of myself

Jerry Jeffress, winner of multiple Academy Awards for the inventions
and use of special effects equipment and techniques in motion pictures such as Indiana Jones, E.T., Star Wars and many more, says g'day to all wafflers from the tropical bush near Cairns, Australia  -

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from Jerry Jeffress' website: winner of three Academy Awards for Special Effects in Motion Pictures. Credits include: Ghostbusters, ET, Indiana Jones, Star Wars trilogy and many more. Advertising credits include ABC Sunday Night at the Movies logo.

I'm Jerry Jeffress and am sometimes known as JaMworks, for Jerry and
Melissa (my wife).

Rocks on the Walsh RiverI now live In Far Northern Tropical Australia.

I'm about 2 hours West of Cairns Australia (gateway to the Great Barrier Reef) on some rather bad 4wheel drive roads that can be impassible for days depending on the level of creeks and rivers during the monsoon season.

I do have some dogwaffle drawings of mine on my flickr pages

If you are interested in my history, google me "Jerry Jeffress"

I'm 66 - I'm retired now but still do a few things..... it is a remote location here, with slow internet over phone lines, no cell phone or high-speed internet options like dsl or cable, except perhaps satellite which I'm considering. It's tough to download updates and free brushsets but it's worth every minute LOL - Dogwaffle allows me some nice 'getaways', trips into memory lane.


How I came across Project Dogwaffle: I don't remember, actually, but it was many versions ago, at least 4+ years back.

Dogwaffle is simply the best drawing program there is. And I have actually made Dog Waffles that my dog loved. I probably looked at this program because of the name. Dan Richie has a good sense of fun.

rainbow serpant        

In the past, I have have painted for real but now only use digital techniques.

I also use
TrueSpace 7.5 and Vray for 3D work. I use an old desktop PC, a Wacom tablet, two laptops - one is a new Dell XPS, very nice (!). I have many external hard drives (about 1 terabyte total) as Melissa and I do a bit of Video editing.

What I like most about Dogwaffle are the brushes: fun and easy to use.  There are of course also  some workflow issues because of the non-standard interface, but it's possible that's what makes it so fun....  I also use Corel Draw and Photopaint, Fireworks, Photoshop rarely.

Night in the woods        

We do quite a bit of video edting, as I mentioned:  I use Vegas Pro,  a great program! Also some 3D animation with TrueSpace7.5

Other things I've done include some lovely stories and drawings done by remote bush kids mostly scanned in hand drawing, coloured in CorelPhotoPaint by kids who had never used a computer before with a bit of help from me. (my project a few years ago) digital drawing

For more information about my Academy Awards try these sites:

Our very old jamworks site at:

The flickr site at:

Interview with me in the local community:

about where I live:

My wife Melissa kept a journal a few years back about living where we do:


About my Professional uses of Project Dogwaffle:

I have used Dogwaffle to make the backgrounds for some of my videos and DVD's. Here's an example:

1)  A dogwaffle drawing of the desert by me

2) JaMworks finished DVD using the dogwaffle drawing as the background.

It is tightly edited 50 minutes of The Hafla El Tropical in Cairns
in August 2007. Great party and show.....if you want to know more look at:


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