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Jannis Labelle

Dogwaffler of the moment, March 2003

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Jannis Labelle is painter and sculptor who works and paints in London, England. He has shown his work in the UK, Europe  and the USA. He also works in 3D modeling, animation,  and Web design (especialy with Flash and Actionscript) and uses the computer as an extension of his studio. He recently finished a short animated film 'Leonardo 7' done in Cinema 4d. 

He has writen several tutorials on 3D modeling that you can find at where he is a leader in the Cinema 3D forum. 

His personal site is at


"...Here are a couple of drawings I did with DogWaffle. I have been doing a film about Leonardo and I did some studies of his drawings and of the Horses of San Marco."

To learn more, read Jannis Labelle's review of Project Dogwaffle at Creative Cow

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