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"I used to paint acrylics"

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My name is Mark Hamilton - this here was my first digital painting made with PD Pro 4

my first painting with digital painting software

I have never have had any digital software, it's a great new experience for me. I used to do oil and acrylic paintings but that has been over ten years ago.

I live in beautiful Grants Pass, Oregon, surrounded by lots of mountains and nature. I may be over 60 and counting, but there's no day where I don't observe and appreciate nature's beauty and want to put it into a painting. I am retired, so I have time.

What I don't have is lots of money, so going digital is a great move for me.  I stumbled upon Dogwaffle while looking for Bryce related stuff.

My first version of Project Dogwaffle was the free version 1.2. I've just been using it for a few weeks, and just recently (Dec.2007) bought into PD Pro. I love it.

Digital painting is new to me but I'm already feeling comfortable at it since I've painted oil and acrylics for long before. I also use 3D tools. I have a PC with Vista- another  with Linux-  AMD 2.2 ghz. video card-Evga 7600- Motherboard - Asus -A8N32 Deluxe.

Most all my paintings come from my head ( good or bad not sure ) It can take a couple of days to a wk. to do a painting, I'm still learning what brushes to use and other features in PD Pro..
All in all I must say that Dogwaffle is a great program, I need to learn more of all the features but it is a great trip. If other retired artists like myself are hesitant I'd say just try it.

Dark Snow:  see the tutorial to make this into an animated screensaver > click here



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