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Kiskara, aka


Creating Game Art

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My artist name is Kiskara. On Steam you will see me as No_Cookies_for_Zombies.

I work with a team on a game with a lot of science fiction content. Space stuff.

I am getting a website one of these days. They bought the domain already, I already posted the scifi pics in my favorite scifi forum. They help me if some facts are wrong astronomically. Of course I posted that they are made in PD Howler.

We are still some years away from publishing that game, meanwhile I am publishing images for the short stories that my team will publish soon.

One of my first with 3D Designer:

Freyja Arctic Landscape

The moon Hildisvini over the semi iceplanet Freyja.


Hildisvini is a moon with a very low mass, 75% Ice and 25% rock. Hence its albedo is close to 90% and it shines very bright. Due to its closeness to Freyja it also appears pretty big in the sky.
An Aurora Borealis formed over the winter landscape. The huge plain is actually the frozen water of the Nehalennia Sea. In the background we see the Skadi mountain range.

Tools used:
PD Howler
Grand Designer
Astro Calculator

Nerthus - Lake Steinhuder

Planet Nerthus 

A cozy little lake in the "Alfred von Nerthus National Park" painted by Joan of York in 2545.

Tools used: mostly PD Howler, and a little Photoshop

I did some stuff in Photoshop, since I'm very new to PD Howler and didn't know the tools too well yet, but I know it is doable as is in PD Howler. The mountains and large parts of the lakeshores are painted in PDHowler.

There will be some mobile games that my team will publish soon. Not really my turf, but of course I support my team with the gameart also for them. I like RPG games like Dragon Age Origin and Mass Effect.

 Rogue World

I work as the artist and the user interface optimizer for my team.

Right now I am working on an image of another rogue world, an Iceworld. Then I will begin on a Fantasy theme.



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