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Bjorn Kristinsson

Dogwaffler of the moment, December 2003

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I'm currently living in Reykjavík, Iceland, although I'm originally from
Akureyri on the north coast. I'm 24 years old, and I'm here for the
University where I'm studying Language Technology (or Computational
Linguistics, depending on who you ask :p). Finished a BA degree in English
 from the same school last year.

I found Dogwaffle by accident when I was looking for tips on how to make better landscapes in Terragen. :) I can't remember how I ended up on the Dogwaffle site, but I haven't turned back since. I absolutely love Dogwaffle. Whenever I need to vent some creative energy it's perfect. I usually don't worry about what to draw or what to do, I just experiment. I  feel that other more 'conventional' graphics applications are very precise and accurate, and as a result you tend to spend alot of time to get clean, precise and, well, dull results. With Dogwaffle you're creating art! It's quirky, it can get messy, you can see where the artist had to make a correction (and sometimes you manage to hide it, that's great)... just like real painting. The result is so much more lively.

Or at least I imagine it's what real painting is like. The only painting
I've done was watercolours in school all those years ago. But that's
another beauty of Dogwaffle, everything feels absolutely natural and
intuitive, even to someone inexperienced as myself.

I've really only made too or three pictures so far that are kinda presentable. I tend to get lost just experimenting ;)  I absolutely love it.

It has opened up a whole new world for me, before Dogwaffle I'd never done any painting of any sort ever. Well,  not since watercolours in grammar school.....

I draw with a tablet, and so I'm using the latest version which has the tablet support :) The two things I would like to see in Dogwaffle that aren't there already is layer support (although I'm learning to live without it, even prefer it), and the ability to map the right mouse button to the 'eraser' end of the tablet pen. That's all I can think of, really :)


I think Dogwaffle is great for beginners, really for kids of all ages, single to triple digits :-)

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