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Here is a little dog
I did with dogwaffle :-)

Foto mounted dog painted
grain effect on top to adjust quality

     Hey Phil, it did take some time but here they are, some extracts of my work today. I choose to bring only extracted panels of my current ongoing comic work.

     Please find enclosed some extracted black and white panels. Some were made with another popular photo imaging tool and the most recent ones with Project Dogwaffle, I cannot see any differences... can you?

     I was born in 1967 in Canada, and grew up in Switzerland. I am a passionate illustrator and I love to work with computers.

     I did live from my illustration work for a while, but drawing under contract is hard work and I decided not to trade my passion for money. Currently I am developing software which is something I like to do with equal passion.
I have been using electronic imaging tools for over 20 years now.
I started with simple binary pixels on very low resolution black and green computer screens, passing via high definition 3D raytraced animations to finally landed here with Wacom and Dogwaffle drawing natural looking traditional inked cartoon images. Funny how I had to go through 3D to (re)discover my true passion for 2D :-)

     100% of the production process, starting after scanning in the initial pencil sketches and all the way to the final page is done on the computer by using Project Dogwaffle, Photoshop (in some assembly cases), Wacom tablet, Inkscape (svg vector tool) and FOP for the final assembly and PDF output. The concept work (rough sketches, page setup, story telling, image flow) is still a process I prefer doing on paper to keep the intuitive moments alive. Well, for the time being anyway. Seeing how fast Dan responds to user requests for improvements and enhancements, I bet he's already creating a storyboard editor as he's reading the first lines of this page and I'm not even done typing this line here yet.  LOL

     I do like to work with Dogwaffle, I am a Photoshop emigrant and used to certain tools which are currently lacking in Dogwaffle, but I think a comparison would be wrong. They're both tools, with their respective strengths. The Natural Painting tools of Dogwaffle are unmatched! My favorite tool, since what I need the most is a good responsive Inking tool - the Penny Paint plugin.with excellent Spline smoothing, for the likes of me with a fast hand, ..even if it lacks the layer features, I'll admit I have spent counteless hours on it already enjoying total creativity and fun, sheer joy of pen, ink, gel and other sketching magic!

     Furthermore, I'm thinking of creating extensions, plugins and addons for Dogwaffle to suit my special needs. As a programmer I like what I've seen within the SDK so far.