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Never too late to live your dream

Howler sez 'woof'!

Howler 8.2 showcase:

nature modeling & painting with PD Pro Howler

Can't afford
PD Artist?

Free digital painting (and animation) software powered by Project Dogwaffle

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: all artwork shown here is (c) copyright "drawsattention" or their respective owners. No unauthorized use allowed. Please contact the author  if you wish to use any of her art for any reason.

July 2016 - Skies for the Tempest Citadel game by AartformGames

I have long been fascinated by the tools from Project Dogwaffle that let me create interesting skies. I have also created brushes to paint them, and some brushes are included in the program's Media browser under the 'KB' set.

wow look at that cloudy sky

One of my favorite tools to create skies was actually not created for making clouds. It was designed to make mountain landscapes, but if you flatten it and add elevation fog, it makes interesting skies. I created this sky with 3D Designer. You may have seen another, earlier sky made with 3D Designer - Peaceful Day - showing below.

The sky was further processed and integrated into the game Tempest Citadel created by Simon deRivaz of Aartform Games, who also makes Curvy 3D..Here are a few screenshots from the game, showing two variants of my sky:

Once you have created a sky in 3D Designer, you can call it done, or you can further explore variations, such as changing the hue, the saturation and lightness, or adding Mystic Vision filtering for God rays or using smear brushes to add the look of heavy rain downpoor, or strong winds and turbulence. The sky's the limit. Here is also some extra few stars and a lens flare:

wow look at this Jupiter sky

>>> February/March 2013 - new images:

I have my new gallery at DevianArt:

Have been learning more about the 3D designer and made this so far. I just noticed the fog the other day.

Peaceful Day:

Peaful Day

Other recent additions:

Space AgainLake
mountain-project-KB-signedsunset by drawsattention


<Sept. 2009 additions>

Drawsattention has been creating brushes to paint clouds:

Here is another couple of cloud brushes  to put with the one I sent if you want to. The "clouds" one is a heavier one then the original that I sent. The use of the smudge with the same brush is ideal. The cloud gadget is just a way to add some very faint whisps. If you like them you can post them for others to use. :D -da

PS: I am on a 'making brush' kick right now. Too much fun!!!

>>> get the cloud brushes from the freebies area

<Aug.2009> Original post: 

Hello there fellow wafflers - I am 'drawsattention'. (Drawsflies was already taken!)

I l
ive in Wisconsin (right next to the big pond)

I used to draw and paint in traditional media, but I do just digital now. Lot's easier for me than cleaning up oils and brushes.

<<< click to enlarge

 I post my drawings online at (RMD) here:

as of mid August 2009 I have over 240 drawings there.

This has been a great place to do art for me and let me learn to do it on the computer a lot better. Also, it is great because they will let you know exactly what they think of your art.  RMD is a wonderful place to do art online and meet a fantastic group of people who also love art and there is some beautiful work there. MY thanks goes out to  the administrator and EVERYONE for all your encouragement and all you have taught me over at ratemydrawings. Dogwaffle and the online art programs there are tops!.

Art is my escape and medicine. (I am disabled and have Arnold Chiari Malformation and a broken neck.)

I have played with Dogwaffle for many years. I used to do fliers for the church I went to. Made a lot of church coloring books that they printed out years ago and had one illustration in The Concord newspaper in NH many years ago. 
 I have tried the Artweaver, Twistedbrush, the GIMP, and Pixia Paint  (wikipedia, japanese site) and a few others but in my opinion Dogwaffle is the one I find to be the best for my needs by a long shot and easier to work with. I really love the setup on it, the tools layout and all its capabilities, and those particle brushes. That said, that is my personal preference, and it sure is great to see so many other affordable ways for artists to be creative. Especially when some of them have made innovative attempts to communicate with eachother, allowing for example to share Lua-based filters created by a few for the benefit of many. Granted, I may not use it all, I just appreciate that cooperative spirit.

^ click to enlarge
I got a Wacom board on Ebay last year and it is wonderful. It is the Bamboo and I love it. Tried to use the mouse before that and thought I did alright the Wacom is soo much better! I did the pictures you see here  with a mouse a long time ago.
 I do not drive due to my neck injury. Not paralized, but cannot drive due to that. Still blessed though! I could have been paralized at one time and it was only God who prevented it. I love doing art so much and I have that to be my freedom. Not many who have all their capabilities can say they are happier then I am when I am doing art.
Here's a little more info on me and my experience with Dogwaffle and other tools...
- Been waffling and learning computer art since about 2002

I love art like some people love air. Nothing nicer then having a picture come to life before you. I even love my flops.

- I would like to learn some 3D stuff but mostly I love painting.

- I am hoping to make painting my main profession, or at least die trying LOL

- I use a Dell with XP, It has 4 gb ram and 500 gigs harddrive.2.31ghz, 3.50 Gb ram. It is a year old. (That took a while to look for, LOL)

- What is there to not LOVE about Dogwaffle? For one thing it is so very wonderful and even the free one kicks so many other art programs out of the ballpark. It is easy to use and very fun. It provides enough gadgets and filters that you feel you have a thousand dollar program at your fingertips. It lets the artist in you have free reign to draw to your heart's content and bring out the best in you.

- What needs improvement? Well, if you guys could get it to do the dishes once in a while that would be cool. :P

- Other programs I've used: I have tried Pixia Paint, the free adobe Photo Shop special edition, Gimp, and etc, etc, etc. Dogwaffle was the only one where I can use just one program and do not have to use a bunch of them to make one picture.

- Dogwaffle is the best art program out there in my opinion. Take it from a person who has disabilites. I think that more disabled and talented artists or even interested dabblers should know about this program. It is easy to use and has been a blessing in my life.

Thanks for visiting my gallery at RMD and God Bless 


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to paint clouds:

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