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Hey, it's Carol at Fine Line Web Design.

doggy catches a colorful ball

I once had a teacher in art tell me "You have to learn a lot more before I can teach you anything".  So started my efforts in watercolor that lead to a 1st Place in an International Art Show among 300 entrants from 32 states and 6 countries 3 years later.  I am mostly self taught what with teachers like that.  I have 10.5 years in programming.  Then I thought - lets merge computer knowledge with art.  Computer Graphics!
I have many programs but I turn to Dogwaffle when I want to do something playful.  It brings out the kid in me.  I like the fast replication of grass and folliage.  I have sold some of my "dog" cartoon art to my local veterinarian for his newletter.

 hello - doggy hides in deep grass    

I am also exploring 3D art.  At my website,, you will find a 3D tab.  I did over 100 3D creations while waiting for technical support to get back to me.  "Do you mind waiting 5 minutes?  I'll get back to you."

Here are some examples done with Xenodream.

Recently, I added the Gertrudis plug-in to Dogwaffle.  Gertrudis gives a different style to your art.  Another fun toy.
I haven't really explored the animation yet that Dogwaffle has.  I will leave that for another day when I want to play.

Oh and almost forgot -  you may enjoy some of my drawings and animations here too:

editor's note:
If you also use Dogwaffle have a look at this XenoDream & Dogwaffle tutorial: Xeno-waffles & Dog-dreams.