Dogwaffler of the Moment - May 2005:

Sailor Hitaru

by Helen

I spend most of my day in college, in fact, I'm here now.... and I have to stay here till 5 pm to give some classes ... (now it's morning), the problem is that my college is very far from the city, there are no humans around... only cows, frogs, maybe some snakes and spiders.... funny isn't it?
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    Well, my name is Helen, I'm 23, and I live in Ourinhos, São Paulo, Brasil. I'm a university student in my last term.

    I've been using your software (the free version). I was searching for something good to create animations and I found the link on a brazilian download  website. I have a compaq celeron 700Mhz Windows based...... trying to move to something better.... my computer is about 2 years old..... or more....

    I want to say this... I love everything about this software. I also use the 'other two' programs, for photo imaging and web vector art.  But this Dogwaffle, I really really enjoy.

    The first time was really hard and I needed a lot of patience, I used Photoshop but my style is full of details and this makes painting very hard.... I think I spend almost a month in the firt one!!!
After that I just got used to the software and I was able to do things in some days..... Now I'm testing in PD Pro, I think is just the time of getting used to it. (learning curve?)

    This is because it's a technology college..... but it's nice anyway!!! It's a small country city.... well, I'm talking too much about my things, sorry if I'm bothering you...... : )

    I don't have a graphics tablet yet but I'm intending to buy one as fast as I can, it will make my work much faster!!! By now I scan the drawings and use the computer to color it.

I have plans of a magazine, I love to write the stories too. My plan is in some years open a Animation Studio and keep the magazine adapting the japanese way of art, so I have the character manga and anime.

I'm showing you some of my older art in Photoshop and new creations in Dogwaffle. And some are made by hand on paper. Sometimes I use them together, it's great!


It's a horror story (I'll be the first publisher of this kind in Brazil!!!), I hope it's coming before the end of this year.  Gabriel is a very strange boy, the other children don't really like him because when he looks at you he seems to see through your soul..... in fact, he really does it....

I had a "fanzine" ( I don't know if it's the same word in English but its a kind of magazine) with my stories but I had to quit when I went to Japan, I studied there in high school, got a schoolarship.... I enjoyed mangas and animes before and after that... you can imagine!!!  


:: Gabriel ::
Gabriel (see above) is  a 6 year old boy from my very special project. I'm producing a magazine!!!

:: Amélia ::



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