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 Jon Fryett


dibble dabble   

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About Jon

In late 2014, this new user of Dogwaffle's PD Howler sent us an email with a short message and file attachment:

So, I bought it and played around with it for about 2 hrs.
 Here is a little dibble and dabble of a test I did.

Jon Fryett's dibble dabble

to which he later added:

"Back in Feb 2014, I was on the internet doing searches on digital art. I came across one particular site that had about 50 different types of free digital art software. I was looking for something to help me make T-Shirt designs so I could sell them. Then, I saw this link called “Dogwaffle” and it was free, so I clicked on it to see what it was all about. The website itself was an instant sell just by looking at the samples presented.

Back in my college days (early 80’s) I was an Art Major, so what I saw sparked my curiosity on how can I do this, but only using my laptop and a mouse. I digged deeper into the site and saw the types of art work I have always wanted to do, but couldn’t do it by hand on a real canvas. Then I saw PD Howler 9.1 videos on Youtube and said, “This looks hard, but easy at the same time”. I told myself I had to get this software and it was on a special sale that ended that week. I bought it, and started to “dibble and dabble” after watching a few videos on the “How to Do” videos. I am a big Sci-Fi fan and wanted to make that type of Art work, but didn’t know how. I also like nature type of art, plus anything that deals with lightning.

I just recently upgraded to 9.5 when the Christmas Special was going on. I have so much to learn and I have only scratched the surface of this awesome software. BTW…….when I do my art, it ALWAYS starts off by doing a little “dibble and dabble” here and there until I call it a final project complete. Here are some samples of my work while playing around with the software. I wish I could remember how I exactly did them, but can’t explain the exact methods that I used. That is why I call it, “Dibble and Dabble” method. Slap a little paint here and there, add some particle brushes or playing around with Puppy Ray and trying different light filters. Many more, but I don’t record my art while creating it."

Note: you can read more here in this newsletter #97

Sample Art by Jon

Learn more about this dibble-dabbler:

about Jon Fryett:

Aside from staying healthy, Jon also creates music. Listen here:

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