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from Memphis, Tennessee- U.S.A:
Christina Brooks


Dragon Armor


I am a college student, attending ITT Tech for Digital Entertainment and Game Design.  I found out about Project Dogwaffle while browsing on an animation discussion forum. I now use Project Dogwaffle Pro (PD Pro Digital Painter 3) and as of mid July 2005 have used it about 3 weeks now and still learning

I do consider myself as an artist at heart, I’m mostly an traditional  artist  who likes to sketch and do some painting, or color with color pencils, but I prefer sketching and drawing pencil drawings because I don’t like to color or paint, even through my colored artwork always turn out looking nice. I enjoy making up character designs, and drawing them in different poses and emotions, most of my artwork I do is in anime/manga style. For my 3D modeling class we used 3D studio max, which is my first 3D modeling/animation program, I looking forward to taking animation classes soon.
I want a profession in game design as a character designer/animator, and also a manga artist and publish my on manga. I use a Dell dimension 4600 Pentium 4 computer, Windows XP home edition.

What do you like most about Dogwaffle?
I don’t have to buy paint and paper like I use because Dogwaffle is all digital!

What needs improvement?

 My   knowledge of Dogwaffle, I’m still learning how to use to it, also I need to work on my anatomy when drawing.

How I work:

Usually when I draw or color I lock myself  in my room and only focus on drawing or coloring and I can go hours without eating anything!!! I really don’t time myself when I draw or color, I just do it. I have often drawn from sun rise to sun-set only to take a couple of breaks.

As for my images I have:

Dragon Armor, I was trying to design the coolest armor design  that I have never design before! Can’t wait to color it in Dogwaffle!

Ninja, one of my favorite pics I wanted it to look professional, like it came straight from one of those game instruction booklet! I had the most fun with this pic.

<<<pencil drawing

Dogwaffle coloring>>>

Evil minion, I was inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and its cel shaded cartoon style.

<<<pencil drawing

Dogwaffle coloring>>>

Elf warrior, I drew this while waiting for the bus and later colored in Dogwaffle, I was inspired by The Legend of Zelda videogame series.

Most of my art, I draw with a no# 2 mechanical pencil. (I prefer using mech pencils, because they always stay sharpened.) I start off drawing real light, so it will be easier for me to erase mistakes later on, and then I darken the lines, and usually draw details last. Before I scan my drawings, I erase most of the unwanted marks. I use a Dell photo Aio printer 922, which is an all in one printer/scanner, to scan into Dogwaffle, after I scan a drawing into Dogwaffle; I use the color key filter to adjust the value, brightness, contrast and gamma.

For coloring,( I will use the ninja picture for example) I mostly played around with color mixer, smear tool, and paint smear mode to blend in colors to give it that pastel colored look. I also played around with the filters, using apply-current-paper to give it a paper like texture, which you barely can see, after I used the Gaussian blur to give it a glossary like blur look. The sky background which I used as the second layer, (I prefer using layers) I used the “Painting sky and Clouds” tutorial on – website, that tutorial really came in handy. I am very glad that I discover Dogwaffle, now I can do things I always dreamed of.


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