Dogwaffler of the Moment - August 2004:

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aka Karel Maes

"Ik ben een Hondewafelaar"
(I am a Dogwaffler)

What is your name?
 (artist name or real name or both if you prefer)


My name is Karel Maes, I sometimes go by my internetnick "no3".

I recently started signing artwork and dabbles with no3.
Where do you live?
 (city, country?...)

I live and breathe in Antwerpen (Antwerp), largest city of Vlaanderen (Flanders), the northern region of Belgium (België), pearl to the river Schelde (Scheldt), home to many great artists and scientists as Rubens, Van Dyck, Plantin, and many many more, and the second largest port to Europe. My native tongue is Nederlands(Dutch), although in Flanders we prefer the term Vlaams (Flemish), but I am fluent in English, rusty in  French, and hopeless (altough not completely) in German and Spanish.
Ah yes, Belgium is also home of Hergé,  the creator of  Adventures of Tintin, one of my favorites.
(approximately) how old are you?

I have reached the blessed age of 34.
ok, and are you  a student, child, retired, professional ?
I am currently without employment as I am following a course in PrePress DTP and print layout. This course is organised by the VDAB (Flemish employment office) who have built up a very sound reputation concerning the quality of these courses and the skills of the people who follow them through.
How did you "discover" Project Dogwaffle?

Which was your first Dogwaffle version?

I already owned a drawing tablet, and went looking for a program that allowed me to draw without the restrictions of a supercomplicated user interface.

1.11b (I think)  [editorial: that's the free version from early 2002, still available at A more recent, updated and yet still free version 1.2 is now available at ]
How long have you been 'waffling'?
Must be for about a year now.
Do you consider yourself an 'artist' at heart, like, do you paint, sketch, go to the Art museum etc?
I consider myself to be a gifted craftsman, rather than an artist. I do paint, sketch, draw, and go to the museum (though it does not have to be an Artmuseum to interest me).
Do you use 3D modeling/animation products?
I'm trying to get myself acquainted with Blender 3D, an open source 3D moddeling and animation program, available at no cost for non-commercial users,  but I find that it has a steep learning curve.
What is your main profession (if you are working)
I have been working in print finishing, as a "paperfolder?" (industrial origami), for about 6 years, but am currently doing a course in Prepress.
What kind of PC do you use? (which OS  version, processor speed, amount of RAM, how old is it...?)

  I only just recently assembled my latest computer:
  a windowsXP pro machine:
    -2.8 Ghz Intel P4 prescott
    -Aopen ax4spb-un motherboard
    -512 Mb Kingston DDR (pc3200), soon to be
        joined with another 512Mb
    -PoV GeForceFX 5700 LE 128Mb videocard
-19" HP monitor, 1280/1024

What do you like most about Dogwaffle?

That it feels very close to painting on canvas.
What needs improvement?
In the version I use (1.6) the zoom function might be improved, but I heard it was completely rewritten for version 2.
Describe some of the images, experiences with making them, how long it took, what was the idea and what Dogwaffle helped you do there etc...
Most of the time I just start drawing, no preliminairy concept, just start sketching, I tend to use as little plugins or special effects as I can, just plain drawing and painting. I have a soft spot for the large and wet tempera brushes.
Very nice. Other comments?
I like the fact that dogwaffle can do what I want it to do at a very low cost, and with the greatest of ease.
Ok, great. Finally, have you got a website of yours with more images?, not much there now, but I intend to expand the Gallery section with more DW- and non-DW- artwork.

I hope to have been of service to you and to Dan for the promotion of a fine little paintprogram. If you have anymore questions, just send me an email, and I'll try to respond as quickly as possible.

Kind regards,
Karel           er.., no3  :-)

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