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Dogwaffler of the moment, February 2003
for his outstanding art, creativity and attention to detail. Some of his paintings are absolutely fabulous
and feel like relaxation therapy for your visual cortex. You can truly tell that this optician knows what's best for your eyes!

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Artist name:  Rohi  (Rolf Hilger)
From:  Germany

Meine letzten drei bilder sind mit hilfe von Dogwaffle entstanden - 
" The last Glow " 
" Autum in Bryceland 2 "  und 
" Birth of a river " 

 Ich wohne in Deutschland - mein Beruf ist Augenoptiker  -  ich mache Computergrafiken seit ca. 2 Jahren - ich benutze Bryce 5 - Poser 5 - Vue - Painter 5 - Picture Publisher 9 - and now DOGWAFFLE !!! 

Rohi war  " Kuenstler des Monats "  im Dezember 2002 bei

Um etwas mehr von mir zu erfahren, gehe auf die AOM Renderosity Site und lese das Interview  oder gehe zu meiner Homepage.  Ich hoffe, daß ich ein wenig dazu beitragen kann, daß Dogwaffle bekannter wird - es ist ein klasse Programm !!!


Autumn in Bryceland 2
Autumn in Bryceland 2

The Last Glow
The Last Glow

Birth of a River
Birth of a river

I used Dogwaffle in my latest 3 images: 
"The last Glow "  - 
" Autum in Bryceland 2 "  and 
" Birth of a river " 

I live in Germany, I am an optician, I have been using computer graphics for about 2 years,  I also use Bryce 5 - Poser 5 - Vue - Painter 5 - Picture Publisher 9 - and now DOGWAFFLE !!!

Rohi was " Artist of the Month "  im Dezember 2002 at

To learn more about me  check the interview at the AOM Renderosity Site.
Or check my own website. I hope I have contributed a little bit to make Dogwaffle better known - it is a super cool program !!!


The artists gallery at Renderosity:
Editor's note: the site mentioned above ( offers many aspects of fine art, including painting, 3D design and sculpting of the human anatomy, some of which may not be suitable for young artists.  Proceed at your own risk.


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