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A Previous Version of PD Pro is already running



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The Problem:a previous
                      instance of pd pro is running

When you launch Project Dogwaffle, you see a warning popup message like this one:

The Answer:

 When a session of PD is closed abnormally, or on rare occasion even upon normal termination, it may at the time have several floating subwindows running. Some of these are running as their own process. PD normally tries to close these floating windows too, but if that fails, you may be left with some processes that are still running (albeit they may not do much). When a new session of PD is then launched, it may detect the presence of these processes and think there's another session of PD still running.

The easiest way to solve this is to reboot the system.

If you don't want to go through the extra time to reboot, use the Task Manager to identify processes that may have been left there, such as BrushManager, StoredImage or similar. If you're not sure, don't mess with it, best is to reboot. Or, you could contact us: send us a screen capture of the currently running processes and we may be able to help and tell you which processes to kill. Of course, that will take longer than just rebooting.

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