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Free BrushSets for

Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro

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Download the brushsets listed below if you don't have them yet.  Each zip file is a brushset containing 30 to 40 or so brushes. When you unzip (extract) the files they should be in a single folder of the same name. You can put that folder wherever you want. When you use right-click on the brush settings icon to switch to an alternate brushset you'll be able to select the folder where you placed the brush set.

Scroll down for newest brushsets:
Cybersign's collection of brusets

These are fairly small files
(50 - 90 kb)

Right-click on the zip files below, and save the link target to your local disk, such as into the "My Documents" folder. Then unzip the file.

1. Default Brush set (same as the built-in default. Used to restore back to the default after using alternet sets) - download:

2. Alternate brush set - download:

3. Contributed brush set - download:

4. The new Grime set - download:


Cybersign's Brushsets
by Martin Duerr,
more coming soon
more coming soon

greetings Earthling,

I'm preparing tutorials to show
how I use my brushes

...visit my DOTM page, or else...

you've got a problem
with that?!?

The following Brushsets were donated by Martin Duerr of

Vielen herzlichen Dank, Martin!