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User-defined Brushes

donated by users - have fun!

Free brushes for PD Pro 4

These brushes were created with PD Pro and are made of two files: the .prv file and the .med file

You can download and add these to your currently installed PD Pro. They might even work with earlier versions, but we haven't tested that - so no guarantees!

Save the files to the 'Medias' subfolder inside of where PD Pro is installed, if your version has a Medias subfolder. VEry early versions didn't have that subfolder, in that case just try the main installation folder

>>> Target subfolders:

  • v4: C:\Program Files\Project Dogwaffle Professional/Medias
  • v3: C:\Program Files\PD Pro\Medias
  • v2: C:\Program Files\project dogwaffle

>>> A quick tutorial :

Afterwards you should see and be able to click to use the newly added brushes in the Favorites area,

>>> Download Brushes:

There are the Media files to add:

from drawsattention: Cloud brushes

Here are some examples of artwork created with these cloud brushes: (the left and the right examples are the same but with different dynamic range or contrast)