The Brush Manager

Some times, you may want to work with more than one brush image at a time.

It's easy to do with the Brush manager.  You can store as many images as you like, opening separate copies of the Brush manager each time.

To store a custom brush, select 'Store/manage' from the brush menu.  A copy of the brush manager will open up with your brush image at the top.  If you are using an animated brush, the image at the top will gently cycle through each frame of the brush.

You can minimize the brush manager, forcing it to a small window at the bottom of the screen.  clicking the restore button will bring it back.


Clicking on the thumbnail at the top will restore the image to your brush.  Note that brush settings are not saved by the brush manager, just the image.  If you want to swap between different medias, use the Media manager.


The Scale and Rotate sliders let you transform your brush image on-the-fly.  The thumbnail image will not represent the exact look of your brush, because it is always scaled to fit inside the square box at the top of the Brush manager, but stamping down the brush will show you exactly what your brush looks like.  you can always undo the stamps if you don't want them.

  Here, you can see how the brush image has been scaled to a very small size, becoming pixelated, but it still fits inside the thumbnail.


The Hue / Sat / Value and Red / Green / Blue sliders let you alter the color of your brush image, on-the-fly.

The reset button sets all the controls, and the brush image, back to their original state.

The 'Get current' button grabs a copy of whatever brush image you have active at the time, replacing the one it had been holding in memory.  You can use this to 'freeze' a transformation you have applied to a brush, or just to switch to a new image without opening another copy of the Brush manager.

The 'Restore' button replaces your current brush image with the one that the brush manager is keeping in memory.  It's the same as clicking on the thumbnail at the top.

The Brush Manager, and Animated Brushes

An animated brush is a brush with a sequence of images.  There are several ways to build an animated brush.  The Brush manager will let you build one image-by-image.

Clicking on the 'Add frame' button adds the current brush image to the brush image (or images) that the Brush manager keeps in memory.  You can add as many frames as you like, and as memory permits.  The brush images do not have to be the same size.

The 'Delete frame' button deletes the last image that has been added.

Click the 'Show Filmstrip' button to show your animated brush in a filmstrip format.  You can also keep this window open as you work.