Gertrudis Art Plugin Available for PD Pro and Project Dogwaffle
Enrique Nieloud, developer of Getrudis art effects software, recently announced the availability of Gertrudis for PD Pro and Project Dogwaffle, a plugin aimed at enhancing artistic capabilities.

Gertrudis is an application that transforms images into strokes based illustrations. The results can be used as a bitmap in PD, or saved as a vector image in Postscript format.  There is also a stand alone version of Gertrudis.

Gertrudis is a tool aimed at users who wish to turn images or photographs into natural looking works of art.  It does so in a novel way, by allowing the artist to interactively direct the flow of brushstrokes in a number of cleaver ways.  There are also numerous ways to alter the color and mood of the final image so you end up with images that actually look like works of art, and not just images with a shower curtain draped over them.  Additional effects can then be applied in PD, broadening the range of possible results.
"The plugin port to Project Dogwaffle was done in just a few weeks", said Nieloud. "Their SDK is well documented and easy to use. I am very pleased with offering Gertrudis to the community of PD Pro 3 users as well as users of earlier versions of Project Dogwaffle, even the free version 1.2! This is absolutely an astonishing piece of software and a great fit for Gertrudis."
The developer's website and contact info is at