PD Howler and PD Artist Digital Painter

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Use the panel at the side to select your subject of interest.

If you use PD Howler, you can use everything here. If you use PD Artist, ignore animation (except for animated brushes)

 Getting started tips...

Use Shift+CTRL and the mouse to pan and zoom

Use the left mouse button to paint, and the right mouse button to erase (or the stylus eraser)

A custom brush is an image you pick up and use as a new tool. (“b” on the keyboard, to pick up.)

Howler is brush-centric. Custom brushes are at the heart of what we do. Many things in Howler are done with a custom brush.

Howler is first a paint program.

Layers in Howler are intended for painting effects, such as glazing.

In the real world, paint is not opaque. You'll get used to Howler faster if you embrace this.

Almost anything in Howler can be animated.

You have to “Create” an animation before you can work on one. This is done under the Animation menu.

There's a dedicated time-line for keyframing stuff, but clicking the “animate” button on most filters can often get the job done.

Although there are an enormous number of animation tools in Howler, remember, we are a paint program. A lot of times you can achieve something by painting it.

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