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Project Dogwaffle - Overview

Fun, Fast & Affordable PC Software for Artists who love to Draw, Sketch, Animate and Paint!
PD Howler
fast digital painting
Let's howl!
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What's Dogwaffle?
About us: who's who

::Recent  Dogwafflers:

the games works
Anime by

Fiddler by
Dogwaffle frog art by frogdot

More Artists - DOTM
Dogwafflers of The Moment
a bunny by bluemoon
                                                studios' Jennifer Goss

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+ PC Utilities magazine

> 3Dworld magazine

10 out of 10!
(for value)

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 The Many Faces of Project Dogwaffle:   Product Overview/Summary
Why choose this one?
Particle 9 New release for PD Particles! Only $7.99 for the greatest little paint proggy ever!... learn more
Howler 9.6 New tools added for working on greenscreen, video, compositing... learn more
Howler 9.5 The latest, this one has a lot of new features for generating landscapes with erosion, shadows, sediments, clouds etc...
Learn more about Howler 9.5

Howler 9.2

Howler 9.2 includes a GPU-accelerated version of Puppy Ray, and a lot more.
learn more about Howler 9.2
PD Pro 9 Howler edition
(PD Howler)

Now with Puppy Ray.The newest member of the Howler product line, for digital painting, animation, now also with Ray Tracing!

learn more

PD Pro 8 Artist edition
(PD Artist)

No animation, just digital painting.
Now also with GPU support in 3D Designer, Bokeh blur and fractal filter.

Latest release for PD Artist 8:      8.2b  8.2c
version 8.2 - "Skyock's Egret"
Version 8.0 - what was new in "Broomhead"
PD Pro 8 Howler edition
(PD Howler)

Supports digital painting AND animation. Not the latest, still one of the greatest!
Latest release for PD Howler:     8.2d
version 8.2 - "Skyock's Egret"
Version 8.1 - what was new in "Oh Sassy!"
Version 8.0 - what was new in "Broomhead"

PD Pro 7 Artist edition

- Fast & Refreshing digital painting
- powered by PD Pro 7.2
- excludes support for animations

  (but includes animated brushes)

PD Pro 7 Howler edition

PD Pro 7.2 Howler edition
PD Pro 6 Artist

Alsoknown as PD Artist 2 - the re-birth of the Artist editions (no animations, but lower priced)

PD Pro 6 Howler

Alsoknown as PD Howler 1  - The first of the Howler editions
PD Pro5

Nowalso free from the author  at

- Refreshing digital painting
 - great value
- Not the latest, still one of the greatest!
- available for free through TrialPay
- as seen on CoolCreativeBundle

PDPro 4

- The first with forcefields on particles brushes!
PDPro 3.5

- Free with Purchase of Curvy 3D v2
- available for free through TrialPay

- includesfree 3.7 update

PDArtist 1

- based on a subset of PD Pro 3.2
- fun and powerful digital painting for everyone! 
available for free through TrialPay


- digital painting has never been so much fun
- particle systems attached right to your brush!
- available for free through TrialPay

- the freeware starter version,
- yes free as in free beer, for the rest of us
- based on a subset of v2.1

- available for free through TrialPay

get it
                                                          free, through
                                                          Trialpay>>>Some of our products are also available free through TrialPay - free to you when you buy another product or service. Examples: send flowers for Mother's Day, buy antivirus protection, subscribe to Netflix, and many more essentials!

 ProjectDogwaffle in Animations & Post work:      > animations
Dogwaffle+ Carrara Studio
Lava flow
                                                          on 3D

  Dogwaffle+ Lightwave 3D

Postworkon Screen captures
post work
                                                        over FS9
                                                        flightsim crash
                                                        of V747

  Slideshows  powered by Flash | Javascript | Flash

Conceptart by Avishek

the art of dogwaffle tutorial
                                                          collection 2
tutorialcollection #2:
"The Art of Project Dogwaffle"

  Testimonials + Feedback + Awards + Reviews
"It has an amazingly easy learningcurve. It's the only natural paint program (and I tried a few others) that I got proficient with, in the fastest possible time - simply by experimenting!"
-Avishek Sen Gupta, India
users    > awards  > reviews > wafflers
  What is Project Dogwaffle? It's Paint &Animation Software for your PC
  More Art, More Fun - what'scool?  makemusic videos 

                                                          talking birds
                                                          - PD Pro 3.2 new in PD Pro 3.5:
make your own

fast trees
what's possible?

 Making Textures & looping Animations
too cool - video animations by
create coolvideo fx & loops
a collection of video FX plugins by PJW Productions

accessor join the Official
DogwaffleDiscussion Forum:

                                                          here to join
Clickto join dogwaffle
Would youlike
toknow more?
Mailing List!


 Foreign Language Versions or Information
  Tutorials: Learn digital painting and animation the easy way



billboard polygons!

Compositing techniques:

Pigment Profiles!

Post work on Animations with AnimeStudio/Moho

:: News & Events :
Can't afford
PD Pro 3.5

Can't afford
PD Particles?

DOTM: leaftracker

new! Read the
PD Howler Review

                                                          Anis reviews
                                                          PD Howler 1
                                                          aka PD Pro 6
by famed Carrara 3D Artist
and Photographer
Danas Anis
Related tool:
now for Mac too! (and Windows of course ;-)
Nobody's perfect, this one comes very close though
PD Artist 2new!
is available!
just paint!
PD Pro 6
has a new name:

PD Pro Howler

PD Howler
it's howling fast!

                                                          created with
                                                          PD Pro Frame

new filters, Penny integration and more
DoggyFX 1.2, the video FX & animation pluginfor PD Pro,
  is nowfree!

>details here:

Dogwafflerof the Moment:
Frank Bonacquisti

maori warrior by Attila
Attila Kohl's "Little Sparrow"
"My First PD Pro 4 Creation!"

Newart by Dan Ritchie:
a review by Tom Arah:
Paint Magic review in
                                            PC Pro magazine5
 PolarMapping Correction

for 3D Spherical projections

:: must-have Plugins :
Special Effects for
Video FX artists!

Gertrudis forDogwaffle

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