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A Reason To Survive

The Language Resource File - 
for PD Pro 4.0 (or possibly  3.7 too)


You need PD Pro version 4. The menus of the main application are based on an external resource file named Menus.txt - the default file is for English menus, but you can replace that file with one for a different language.

Note: The menu file was introduced with PD Pro 3.7, so you may also find this to work with PD Pro 3.7, which is a free update for PDPro 3.5 users. Look for your free Dogwafle patch here

The file Menus.txt can be found in the folder where you installed PD Pro. By default this should be in the following folder:

  • if you have PD Pro 3.x:
    C:\Program Files\PD Pro
  • or  PD Pro 4:
    C:\Program Files\Project Dogwaffle Professional

for a fresh installation of 4.0.  Wherever it's installed, open that folder and look for a file named 'Menus.txt'

Note: this language file is made to work with PD Pro 4 and 3.7 only. Does NOT get used by PD Pro 5 or 6 (PD Howler).

Note: If you only see a file named 'Menus' instead of 'Menus.txt' (i.e. it is listed without the '.txt' extension at the end), then it probably means that your computer's Windows Explorer is configured to 'Hide extensions of known file types'. This is an option in 'Folder Options' which can be changed from the Control panel. You can also access and change it in the Tools menu of the explorer window. We recommend that you don't let Windows hide the extensions, so that you can see each and every file in their full name.

How to change the language file:

Upon starting up, PD Pro will look for and use a file  named Menus.txt for its main menus. Before installing a new language file in there to replace the original Menus.txt file, please be sure to make a backup copy of the original. Or, rename the default one which came with the installation: Rename it to a name like 'Menus_english.txt' or simply 'Menus_en.txt', for example. Then simply copy the desired new menu file into the installation folder to replace the current Menus.txt file.  Also  keep the new language file as a backup, such as Menus_de.txt for the 'deutsche' version.

Recommended naming:


Whichever you want to use, copy that one to Menus.txt also.

Available Language Files:

Right-click the desired file to save it into the PD Pro folder. Extract the text file found within the zip file. Then rename it to Menus.txt


English version for PD Pro 4 (contains Menus_4-0_en.txt - renamed from Menus.txt)

German version for PD Pro 4 (Thanks! to of Sabine Hajostek - )

Do-it-yourself: How to Translate to your own language

Warning - DO NOT USE NOTEPAD - If you're interested in creating a Menus.txt file for another language, please use Wordpad (not Notepad - because of tab formating). If you have any questions, contact Philip

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