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 Updates & Patches

Free updates for your version of Project Dogwaffle.


PD Pro 6 - PD Artist 2 and
                                        PD Howler 1
  • for PD Pro 8: 

PD Pro 6 - PD Artist 2 and
                                        PD Howler 1
  • for PD Pro 7: 
Look here for latest versions

PD Artist 7

PD Howler 7

PD Pro 6 -
                                        PD Artist 2 and PD Howler 1
  • for PD Pro 6: 
Look here for latest versions

PD Artist 2
(PD Pro 6 Artist)

PD Howler 1
(PD Pro 6 Howler)

Note: if you ordered PD Pro 6 Artist (=PD Artist 2) at our DAZ3D store, you qualify for a free upgrade to v7. Contact us.

  • for PD Pro 5: 
The latest version is 5.1b

If you have a legit copy of v5.0 contact us to get the 5.1b update

Have an earlier version? Upgrade to v5.1b

got PD Pro 4.0 ? get  4.1  for free!
  • for PD Pro 4: 
> get the 4.1 update!

Note: if you use Vista or Windows 7
If you missed the earlier patches, don't worry: The enhancements from 4.0a, 4.0b and 4.0c are all included with 4.1 - you only need to apply the latest to get the greatest.

> what's new in 4.1?

  • for PD Particles: 
get the 1.2 Update
    what's new in 1.2? 

Note: You don't need the prior update patches, but if 1.2 doesn't work for you, you might want to go back to an earlier version:
> get the PD Particles 1.1 Update

or the even older: (not an installer)
> get version 1.0a

  • for PD Artist: 
sorry, there are no update patches available at this time

read more
about v3

update patches
  • for PD Pro 3.x (e.g.  v3.5):
> get PD Pro 3.7
the last of the 3.x update series)
  • ouch! Running on a Mac with VmWare's VmFusion? You may have no support of MMX depending on your version or config, if so then try the 3.6 patch (8.72 MB)  instead of the latest 3.7 update
  • v3.7 - it's not the latest, but still one of the greatest! If you can't afford v4/v5 right now, try the free trial of v3.5 from the demozone and upgrade to 4 or beyond later.

  • for earlier versions:
Project Dogwaffle 1.x & 2:

Don't remember which version you have? Check these:


 Updates & Patches for Project Dogwaffle v2
You should want to install only the most recent patch. But if for any reason that doesn't work, try a prior patch or update.

the Project Dogwaffle 2.1b update - the last in the 2.x series!

download file:  

the_Dogwaffle_2_1b_Update.exe  --- Size = 2.61 MB (2,744,638 bytes)

(a friendly reminder to the many users of illegitimate copies of v2: please beware of scammers, do not trust other sites with their downloads especially if the size or name has changed! always scan your downloads to check for trojans and viruses!)

To download our official,
free 2.1b update patch, please click here   

read about
what's new
in 2.1 here

build date:

August 3,  2004

file size:
2.6 MB

exact size:
2,744,638 bytes

oldies but goldies....
 > the 2.1a update - read about it here

The features which went initially into
these patches were of course
merged into the latest patch! 
You only need the latest one
to get them all.

 > the 2.1 update - a major update! - read about it here
 > the 2.0d patch is now retired -
 > the 2.0c patch is now retired -
 > the 2.0b patch is now retired -

Updates & Patches for v3 - PD Pro Digital Painter  3.5, 3.6, 3.7...
the PD Pro 3.7 updater - free to legitimate users of prior 3.x
Get it:
Start here.....
Size: 8.88 MB (9,314,720 bytes)
Read about it:

Having Problems GETTING to the Updater?

Before doing anything else > check this information

Having Problems RUNNING the Updater? 

ouch! Running on a Mac with VmWare's VmFusion? You may not have support of multimedia acceleration extensions, i.e. MMX, depending on your version or config, if so then try the 3.6 patch (8.72 MB)  instead of the latest 3.7 update

There have been a few rare reports of problems with the 3.6 update installer, such as a Runtime error '7' - Out of Memory. We don't know exactly what's causing this yet but in a few cases, these tips have helped, so try these workarounds:

Before downloading the installer:
  • If you are unable to access the download page after the registration form page, it is possibly because of having disabled cookies. Make sure your browser accepts cookies from if you have your web browser configured to keep tight cookie controls.
After downloading the installer:
  • You must have a legitimate, working PD Pro v3.x installation. No demo version of 3.x. It can be an NFR (review) copy, an upgrade to v3.0 from v2.x or a straight 3.1, 3.1a, 3.2, 3.5 or 3.6 installation or anything updated from 3.x to 3.6 with prior, legitimate free patches. It is also ok (we think) to still have a 2.x installation of the free 1.2 version installaed, as long as they're in different, separate folders and you know which one contains the 3.x installation. During the update installation you will have an opportunity to specify which folder to update to 3.7.
  • reboot your system
  • make sure no Dogwaffle session is currently running
  • do a "Disk Cleanup" on your C: drive. Open 'My Computer' and right-click onh the C: drive to select Properties...; then click the [Disk Cleanup] button. This should clean out files that have been lurking in your Temp folder for a long time.  If that didn't fix it,...
  • manually clean out the user-specific (local) Temp folder. This is a folder (in Windows XP) which is found in
C:\Documents and Settings\[user login]\Local Settings\Temp
For example, if your login name is 'Bob' then you should find the folder in C:\Documents and Settings\Bob\Local Settings\Temp

Please do not remove the Temp folder altogether, just the files found in it. Note also that some files therein might be locked or protected from deletion because they may be in use by other current processes such as text editors, email services and other tasks which your login sequence started. Look around, perhaps it's a good time to cleanup and remove the junk that's been accumulating in there over the years ;-)

If that still doesn't let you do the update, try this:
  • manually clean out the system Temp folder (in C:\WINDOWS\Temp). Don't remove the Temp folder itself, but you could remove the files and folders inside it. Be sure however that no other programs are running which might possibly be using a subfolder in Temp or a scratch file. It's best to stop other programs before installing.
  • reboot your system
  • If your anti-virus program is suspected of interfering with the installation, disable your anti-virus program just before getting ready to install PD Pro. Don't forget to re-enable it thereafter.

If you still can't apply the update please contact us through the forum and provide details of your OS version and hardware configuration, and exactly which version of PD Pro 3 you have.


what is new in

version 3.7 ?

and what was new in
earlier releases of PD Pro?

what's new in v3.6
what's new in v3.5
what's new in v3.2
  what's new in v3.1a
what's new in v3.1
what's new in v3.0

Interested in
upgrading to
version 4?

what's new in 4

from 2D to 3D in just seconds!
                                        realistic textured 3D models in
Just trace an outline and see it automagically turn into fully textured 3D shapes for Second Life, Google Sketchup / Google Earth, Direct X & Games, Wavefront OBJ and other popular 3D file formats!

simply trace a shape from a
                                    backdrop image, and see it turn into
rapid 3D model creation and prototyping from mere images - for 3D content creation, games, IM Avatars, SL models, 3D illustration in Photoshop(R) and more
New! now also for Mac!

Plugins, for 1.5/1.6 

Plugins, for v1.2 (the freeware version) [37 kb] -  read about it here [42 kb] -  read about it here
RYB_Mixer_pm.exe [66 kb]  -  read about it here
Spherize_pf.exe [53 kb] - released with doggybag #3, get it here 
doggybag #1 and doggybag#2 may have some components that work in v1.2 too, such as AVI  import-export plugins and the Brush store/manager. However we can't support these configurations. Use at your own risk and perils.