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Having trouble with access to the
Download of the Updater for PD Pro 3.6 ?

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If you've successfully entered the data on the form, but are unable to see the page which should follow thereafter, containing a download link for your updater, then you may have a problem with your browser, perhaps a spyware or key logger.   It's rare but there have been a few instances. This is what we know so far:

In the registration form, after the second entry of the email, there's a few lines of text starting with "Your full phone number..." and there is one part on the line under it that should read like this:     

in this format: 'phone +countrycode-areacode-number'

in fact, here's a screen image that shows how it should look normaly:

When there is a problem: The word 'countrycode' appears corrupted. Only in this place, not further up in the same form. We don't know yet what is causing this, but this is what it looks like:

unexpected letters in the form? strange square boxes?

looks like chinese or japanese (korean?) characters

looks like trying to but failing to display
16-bit (chinese?) characters

This could be an indication that your I.E. browser might be infected with a key logger or spyware of some sort, or has otherwise been infected, corrupted or compromised. If that's the case then we recommend not using I.E. - We recommend using a different browser, such as Mozilla Firefox.

If you are seeing this problem and indeed are unable to proceed to the download page, please consider installing Firefox and using that to register and to access the download page. If you do, please let us know on the dogwaffle forum at

if this fixed it for you or not. Or
contact us directly - we thank you very much for your assistance and feedback in this matter.