you can fly!? making funky loops and video clips with

Dogwaffle & Poser5

Poser is a trademark of e-Frontier/Curiouslabs

16 kb instant (unbuffered) Flash
streams made with Boomer video

You may have seen the people in motion, based on video clips from Marlin Studios Those were from real live people from video shoots in front of blue screens
Flash-MX stream

  If you have PoserCarrara or other 3D character animation programs then you know that you can make your very own walk sequences. Such as this running skeletton shown here to the right.

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(some with music - check speakers!) :

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16 kb Flash stream
Running Poser 5 Skeleton
Here are some animations done in Poser, which can be used for video compositions in Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro.

30 frames looping animations, saved in various formats and with various settings for background color and motion blur...

P5 skeleton running to the left,
 with 2D motion blur from Poser 5

Do more with
Poser & Carrara!

(750 kb total) (30 BMP images: 469 kb each image)
(904 kb total) (30 TIFF images: 626 kb each image)
(359 kb total) (30 uncompressed Photoshop images: 301 kb each image)
(381 kb total) (30 compressed Photoshop images: 20 kb each image)

31 kb Flash stream