Playing with the Textrix (and Zoom-blur) Filter

Let's start with an image, even if 
it's not of perfect quality... notice that this one looks flat. 

We should want to remap and improve the 
dynamic range of colors used.

In the "Buffer" menu, use the Dynamic Range filter to improve the images color use.
Now we have a much better image.
Here's where the fun begins. 

Go to the Filter menu, select Transform and go to Textrix.  This is some sort of Matrixizer effect filter.

This is the Dialog window for the Textrix filter.

Play with the parameters. 

Change the colors, change the Font  and more.

Click on "Apply" to preview the effect.   
Here are some variations.
and some more interesting ones.
Using the Animation creation feature of Dogwaffle, and adding the Zoom Blur effect, here's an animation created in just a few minutes.