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Dan's Free & Short Tutorials
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Have you ever wondered: "How did they do that?".

Here are some short tutorials, each captured into a single Jpeg image. You can click the icons to view them. Or  right-click and save the link-target (the image) to disk. Then print them full-page for viewing from paper. Either way we hope this will give some more ideas of great projects you can realize with Project Dogwaffle!

outline text
new! Creating Outline Text with PD Pro
Use the Text tool, turn it into a brush, then grow the brush key, add a shadow drop post fx.
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Space Tutorial
new! Creating Space Scenes with PD Pro
How to make some very cool Space scenes
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or here too.

painting Clouds
Painting Clouds
Using opacity and 'Bleeding' on the brush settings to blend colors. You could also try the 'Smear' mode.
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giving it an artsy look
Making Pictures look like Art
Giving an Artsy look to a Photograph, using several filters to add magic to your digital images.
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painting plants with drop-shadows Creating Plants with a Drop-Shadow
Painting Decorative items like Shrubbery, Flowers...
Combining brushes with optipustics fractal particles.
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