Will You Be My Valentine?

Another tutorial for using Project Dogwaffle with
an existing picture and turn it into a Valentine Card.

The following tutorial is in Viewlet format (thank you Qarbon.com for a great tool!).  This one was made with ViewletBuilder 2 and requires a web browser with Java enabled (and Javascript to launch it). The latest version 3 would also allow publishing it to Flash. Oh well, perhaps next time.

It was captured at 1024x768 pixels screen resolution and therefore you should have at least about 1280x1024 resolution to allow for the viewlet's control buttons as well. Keep in mind that you can stop/continue the viewlet playback with the Spacebar.

To watch the Viewlet, click on the link below.
    Making a Valentine's Card with Dogwaffle 1.11b
And since we know that not everyone has a fast or permanent internet connection, we'll also make this tutorial available as a zipped archive so you can download it once to your local disk and view it offline later again and again. Click here for the zipped archive (it's about 4.8 Mbytes)
Need a very cool unzip utility? Try Iceows or Aladdin Expander.