On Swiss Independence Day - August 1st, 2008 - get ready to be stunned! Join Klipsi and Santa at the North Pole for

The Ultimate Total Eclipse of the Sun

Cruise to the North Pole:

Affordable Digital Painting Software:

Missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to send Klipsi dancing with polar bears during a total eclipse, then trying again 100 years later, (global warming and all things considered...)

Don't let this happen to your planet. Just be there - at least virtually.  If you can't pay for your trip to the North Pole, you can  still paint your imaginary
impressions.  Get PD Particles
and get busy painting.

PD Particles
digital painting has never
been so much fun!

 a note from Klipsi:
the eclipse is not actually visible smack on the north pole. it is coming near it. it touches northern Greenland. We will first sail to the north pole, then on the way home we will intercept the eclipse .. We will, for the eclipse, be in the arctic sea north of sibiria.
see this map
we plan to be south of that large island,  Novaya Zemlya,  for the eclipse.

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White Continent, Sudden Darkness
the 2003 Antarctica Eclipse - "Dances with Penguins"