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Image Collection and Transmission

Image Collection and Transmission

The eclipse images that you can watch from these web pages are the result of people at different locations along the eclipse path sending their images to a web site while the eclipse occurs. Each reporter has his or her own CamCorder and telescope and filters arranged to watch the eclipse. Each reporter then logs into their Internet Service Provider. Each reporter has a different connections scenario to work out. Some are on land near a telephone, others are at sea and will try to use cellular phone-like connections. They each have been given a SnapMagic Frame grabber and the free use of Snap-N-Send software. They are all using windows 95 on a Intel PC. Snap-N-Send controls the SnapMagic to grab an image and save it to disk. Snap-N-Send then transfers this image to a single internet web site using FTP.

The Images are then redistributed by way of FTP scripts to all the other mirror sites.

I'm Mike Rushford, and I'm in charge of the live webcast at Eclipse'98! If you have any questions about our live webcast, feel free to send me an email

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