Meet the ..... 'E'-team!

Philip and son Yannick
Olivier Staiger in Mongolia
John Laborde
Drew Strakele
James Lambert
David Trowbridge
Bill Saslow, river rafting
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Jeffrey's cat Moses
Bernie Verreau
& Tim

Michael Coulombe
Rich &Jerry 
Rich ChamberlinJerry Chamberlin
Bob Yen near a racecar
Mike Rushford
Dale Ireland
Juan Carlos Casado
Andres Valencia
& Andres
Deborah Scherrer
Brunswick Highschool Field Studies
Field Studies
This is the Eclipse-team which is actively making the
Staigerland live98 eclipse webcast a (virtual) reality...


Philip Staiger  project leader   
yannick and Philip


Olivier Staiger eclipse expert, globetrotter 
  • lives in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Eclipse Photographer for Keystone
  • works at Prestige Rent-A-Car
  • globetrotter, eclipse veteran
  • definitively and helplessly 'hooked' on eclipses. Will go anywhere to view even a partial eclipse
  • educational background includes swiss hotel management school, travel, tourism
  • High Moon, Just View It!
  • publications in Astronomy magazine, newspapers, APOD.
  • will be on the FASCINATION from Carnival Cruise, near Aruba. Satellite uplink for dialin internet access provided by Carnival Cruise Lines.
oli in mongolia

John Laborde eclipse veteran, observer 
  • works at Digital, formerly Megatek Corp.
  • long-time eclipse veteran
  • will be on cruise ship near Antigua or on island of Antigua during eclipse
  • Samples of past eclipses:(check out these prominences! Wow!):
    91 eclipse corona 91 eclipse protuberances diamond and protuberance 
    (copyright 1997 John Laborde - all rights reserved)
john laborde, Haloween 97


Drew Strakele technical consultant 
  • lives in Carlsbad, California
  • Met Philip over NetMeeting; decided that this project is too much fun not to participate :-)

James Lambert junior member, eclipse veteran and observer   
James Lambert in Mongolia for March 97 eclipse


David Trowbridge eclipse observer 
  • works at Microsoft on the Encarta team

  • Encarta Concise EditionEclipse  
  • will be in Antigua for eclipse, with internet access provided by Cable and Wireless. If you wish to learn more about Antigua and Barbados, here's a place to start, with many links.
  • hopes to provide eclipse coverage via telescope, using video camera with adapter from Ken-A-Vision
  • viewed October 24, 1995 eclipse from Sariska, India
  • took this photo of the February 1979 eclipse in Goldendale, Washington: Goldendale view
  • check his eclipse animation with sounds!

david trowbridge

Bill Saslow  Javascript/Multimedia Guru 
rafting adventureEmail: bigbear01@ids.netURL:

Jeffrey R. Charles - technical consultant, eclipse veteran 

Jeffrey's cat 'Moses' seen through fisheye

Juan Carlos Casado - astro-photographer, teacher 
  • Juan Carlos is a teacher, lives in San Sebastian, Spain, currently specializing in teaching astronomy, attending national university
  • has many years of experience in aesthetic astrophotography
  • Contributes to "Tribuna de Astronomia", famous in Spain and parts of South America
  • His observation site will be in the peninsula of  Paraguaná, Venezuela (another map courtesy of Lonely Planet), right before Aruba/Curacao
  • Juan Carlos  had numerous publications in Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), including these recent ones:

  • ap971125.html  ap971201.html 
Juan Carlos Casado Juan Carlos Casado observes the firmament
URL: version)

Dale Irelandastro- and nature photographer, 
  • web whizzard, check his web cam too
  • Planet Dale Homepage
  •  lives in Silverdale, Washington State
  • excellent eclipse photos and movies
  • and where will Dale be during the eclipse? He will be travelling with Philip, Olivier and Fred Espenak (NASA GSFC) on the FASCINATION from Carnival Cruise, probably observing from Aruba.
  • Dale has just been awarded the Webweaver pick for the month of January 1998 by Astronomy Magazine! Congratulations, Dale!
Dale E. Ireland

Deborah Scherrer 
  • Coordinator, Stanford SOLAR Center
  • Will be on the cruise ship GALAXY from Celebrity Cruises to observe the eclipse
  • Contact address: 
    • Stanford University SOLAR Center 
      Stanford, CA  94305-4085 
      voice:  1-650-725-4695 or  
        1 - 415 - 725-4695
      fax:  650-725-2333, or 
        1 - 415 - 725-2333
  • Check this: 
  • Awards  Biography  Homepage
  • Wilcox Solar Observatory 

Deborah K. ScherrerURL:

Mike Rushford 
  • Lives in Livermore, California
  • Mike is a physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and specializes in optics
  • Creator of Eyes on the Skies, a web page which allows you to view the Sun through an H-alpha filter - live! 
    • photo of the sun taken Nov. 28, 1997 
      (picture courtesy of Big Bear Solar observatory)
  • Will watch the eclipse from a cruise ship, CUNARD's Vistafjord, between the Galapagos isles and Panama, at exactly
    • Lattitude:   4:02:54 (North)      and 
      Longitude: 83:56:48 (West of Greenwich) 
      Mike's observation site 
      click here for another  map, courtesy of  Fourmilab
    This is where the totality will last the longest (about 4 minutes). This cruise is hosted by Sky&Telescope. They also organize other cruises in the Caribbean. 
Mike Rushford 

Arnaldo Arnal & Andres Valencia 

Andres Valencia 

URL:  (for Andres) 
ARVAL Observatory: 

BHS - Brunswick Highschool, OHIO 

  • This is a team of 32 students and teachers from the FIELD STUDIES - Brunswick High School, Brunswick, OHIO, led by Ron Fabick
  • the team is making a trip to the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonnaire, Curacao)
  • they will observe the eclipse from CURACAO
  • Their primary goal is to work out a live transmission back to their school by way of the internet
  • Primary contact is Ron Fabick, Field Studies Coordinator
 Greetings from the Brunswick Highschool Field Studies expedition 
Contact: Ron Fabick
Bernie Verreau 
  • Check my Eclipse Gallery at 
  • will watch the eclipse from the Holland/America  cruise ship, Statendam, on or near Curaçao.
  • his eclipse photos have been published in Astronomy magazines, used in planetarium shows and displayed at the Smithsonian.
  • Bernie lives in Redwood City, California and is UNIX/NT support engineer for chip design.
  • has seen about a dozen of eclipses so far, and a cumulative total of about 45 minutes of totality! (including two airborn expeditions)
Tim Priddy 
  • works with Bernie at  Intel and will accompany him for this eclipse to Curaçao
  • lives in Santa Clara, California 
Bernie Verreau, Halloween observer Bernie Verreau 
Tim in Space


Joseph P. Kane 
  • will observe the eclipse from Panama
  • lives in Panama City, moving to Ft. Clayton, Panama
  • Will watch the eclipse from Jaque, close to the Pacific coast.

Rich and Jerry Chamberlin 
  • founders of Netlab, a non-profit organization - The Net Lab year 2000 and beyond Internet Education is Science
  • provide tech support, mirror sites, and more
Jerry Chamberlin Rich Chamberlin 


Michael J. Coulombe 
  • is in charge of the hardware that runs the mirror site at Univ. Mass. Lowell (
  • Radar Systems Designer

  • University of Massachusetts Lowell 
    Submillimeter-Wave Technology Lab  "" 
    175 Cabot St. 
    Lowell Ma 01854 
  • We design hardware in the 100 GHZ to 3000 GHz range which is used for remote sensing, radio astronomy, radar, and radar modeling.

Michael Coulombe

Bob Yen 
  • Lives in Pasadena
  • will see the eclipse from Curaçao
  • will have eclipse images and quicktime movies shortly after the event on E-day
  • some of Bob's previous eclipses:

  • 91 eclipse 95 eclipse
Bob Yen and race car / ESPN camera