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This is a gallery of images reported by Juan-Carlos Casado in Venezuela
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Yesterday night I arrived at home after a travel of 33 hours and 4 flights from Punto Fijo in the peninsula of Paraguaná, Venezuela. Finally I was lucky because I could stay with a Punto Fijo family. I contemplated the eclipse from a beach ready for the observers and the Venezuelan TV, Venevision. The place were called "La Punta" and it was only 8 km from the central line, with a 3 min 43 s of totality. My observation program was very dense and I had the chance to be helped by three university venezuelians and four Spaniers that were in the peninsula in holidays. The eclipse was a sensational spectacle. I have obtained good photos, from panoramic until 1200 mm telephoto lens. Also I made atmospherical and environmental measurements very interesting. I saw as the temperature reduced almost 5º C, the intensity of the wind decreased, though it did not change of direction. The environmental luminosity decreased spectacularly, 96.000 lx to 4,4 lx, that is to say, more than 20.000 times! The luminosity data are of very good quality, taken with a professional photometer and of great resolution, to intervals of 15 seconds in connection with the totality. The influence on the animals was also notable, for example, the marine fowl disappeared 6 minutes before the totality. Now I go to reduce the data and to prepare the images.

About the transmission of the eclipse, I put on my web page a link to the address of eclipse’98, I gave it to know to several newspapers, scientific publication magazines, organizations and university. Today I have spoken with several persons that attempted to see the eclipse by Internet and have told me that they fail to do it due to congestion. I do not know if it was a local problem or more persons had the same situation.

I have selected four images of the eclipse for the gallery (still I have not developed all the photos), that I join to the e-mail. In the group photo I am the boy with the handkerchief in the head.

Juan Carlos

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