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Mission Statement

  1. The goal of this project is to bring the total eclipse of the Sun on February 26, 1998 to the World Wide Web, so that children all over the world, in schools, at home on their PCs, in libraries and other places will be able to observe and witness the awsome excitement found during a total eclipse.
  2. The path of totality will range from the Pacific (Galapagos islands), through Panama, Venezuela and the southern Caribbean over to the Atlantic. We intend to place observation stations along that path which will be equipped with video cameras, portable computers and telecommunications devices. The observations made will be sent to a central site, from where mirror sites will be further distributing the event all over the web.
  3. Given the many observation posts we'll have, the combined duration of the totality could be 30 minutes or more.
  4. Something similar has been done in the recent past (see This project will add some three-dimensional aspects to the phenomenon: a VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) world of the Caribbean, including video streams mapped into the 3D world. This will let a viewer 'sit down' on the deck of a cruise ship, 'look up' and watch the eclipse - LIVE as it happens.
  5. There might also be interesting sites to visit (if time permits and we have the proper resources), such as:
  6. and more. The intent is to make sure children will want to visit and revisit this site before, during and after the main event - the total eclipse with over 4 minutes of totality in most places!
  7. Everyone is invited to contribute: scenic pictures, text essais, movie clips, live video feeds (livecams), computer art and realistic rendering. Of particular interest are web-based games and graphics intensive educational trips.
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