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The following companies and organizations
have made significant contributions
to this project:
EduSurf logo ExcelSoft logo
EduSurf, a division of ExcelSoft, is hosting a major  mirror site of this eclipse webcast, and helping in many ways to promote it, gathering sponsors and supporters. logo
Netlab is a non-profit organization which wants to help your science projects with web hosting services. They are providing mirror sites and main FTP support. 
Template Graphics Software 
Template, based in San Diego, donated a software tool called 3Space Publisher, which is a great tool for web publishing when you need to create animated GIFs, Java anims, VRML models, and more. It has a photorealistic raytrace renderer and is accelerated with OpenGL rendering as well, so works well with 3D video cards available these days for just a few bucks (well, nearly!). Check it out. A number of images and animations you'll find in our webpages were created with 3Space Publisher! Another tool used here is the AmapIstudio NURBS modeller.
Lycos Catalog Lycos Catalog 
   Have you noticed the logo this great search catalog has? It's a total eclipse of the Sun! (diamond ring phase, to be precise)
Quantum Leap Software Ltd.
 SnapNSend and SnapMagic 
A great capture device, and software!, used to capture images, collect them into RealVideo movies, or simply send them via FTP to our website on a regular, scheduled basis. Excellent feature set, rugged, compact, self-contained, fast, and very affordable. If you have a video camera (like VHS-C or Video8 or Hi8), this is a great addition! The maker of SnapNSend and US distributor for SnapMagic is Kurt Shafer of Invisco
The capture hardare, SnapMagic, is made by Quantum Leap Software Ltd in the UK.
 Carnival Cruise
  Carnival Cruise Lines  
In order to make it possible for us to show the eclipse from the deck of the FASCINATION near the coast of Aruba, Carnival is providing satellite phone connection to the internet. This is for the live video feed from Olivier Staiger.
 IrfanView32 Image Viewer Irfan Skiljan, creator of IrfanView32 image viewer
This student from Bosnia, who studies at Technical University (TU) of Vienna, Austria, has created a beautiful, powerful image viewer, which supports many different image formats, animations, movies, slideshows, even sounds, and more. A great, free add-on to your collection of power tools or gadgets. 

Oh, yes, and if you do have a few bucks left after your Christmas shopping, please do consider sponsoring him. Send him a donation or registration fee. 

Video Flex® ~ Microprojector ~ Microscope Ken-A-Vision's VideoFlex 
Video Flex® ~ Microprojector ~ Microscope
This company, maker of fine Microscopes, Microprojectors and the Video Flex® video camera is providing the video camera used in Antigua by E-team member David Trowbridge. This is a video camera unit specially designed to be coupled with a telescope or microscope eyepiece. 
Cable and Wireless, Antigua and Barbados
Cable and Wireless 
This company is providing internet access from Antigua for David Trowbridge's eclipse observation, either as a direct link or dial-up. They can offer 256k or 512kbps direct; 56k download and 33.6k upload via dial-up. Check them out and keep this in mind when you're in need of internet access in Antigua or Barbados.
Setarnet Aruba
Setarnet, the Aruba ISP, will provide quality internet access. 
c@fe internet curaçao C@fe Internet Curaçao
Cunard Cunard
SKY & Telescope and SKY Online

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