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A Free Game Powered by Project Dogwaffle:

 Scorpion X7 Blaster

Disclaimer: No asteroids were drilled, mined, obliterated, blasted or otherwise harmed in making this game.

PD Pro, Howler edition

good doggie

Welcome, Cadets 

This game originally started as a plugin for PD Howler. Now there is also this standalone version. Enjoy. And if you're curious about Project Dogwaffle, start here -

Scorpion X7 game splashscreen

What is it?

It's a game inspired by a very old game from about 35 years ago or more, named "Asteroids". Wikipedia puts it as an arcade space shooter released in 1979 by Atari. Ah the good old times!

You control your spaceship, and the only way is forward, or turn. No brakes in space. Oh and there are a bunch of asteroids flying around too. They're not your friends. So get busy blasting them.

How to Install it?

Download the installer below, run the installer, start playing. It's that easy.

ScorpionGame_RC09.exe            1.41 MB (1,478,918 bytes)
updated January 14, 2017:

prior builds - if you got that one, please uninstall it and get the latest:
ScorpionGame_RC008.exe       1.40 MB (1,475,506 bytes)



? Check the main site.
Dan's main site had the game here:

Sadly, the former hosting company went belly-up. Check if the new site has it:

Important: Be sure to save the file and scan it once more through your antivirus. Never trust downloaded files, especially executable (.exe) files, even if you trust the person who is offering it. After all, if the site's server had been hacked, the file could have been tampered with. So, always be on the safe side, scan your downloads with a good, up-to-date antivirus. We do the same, every time, no exceptions. But also be aware that there might be false positive detections - false alarms.
If you need help with this, don't hesitate to ask us.

More details? 

Here's a screen capture of a rather intense finish.

This is a free game made just for fun, and for good old time's sake. If you remember or recognize this game, you are either an avid retro gamer, or you might be a baby boomer :-)  Either way, this game's for you - enjoy!


This game was written in VB and GDI+

We designed the new API for Dogwaffle so that parts of it could be torn off and used in external programs.  That's how we did those recent plugins without actually having the new Howler with the new API out there yet.

game over


If you're curious about programming for Project Dogwaffle, check the SDK (might be older versions). There is also an option for scripting your own filters, with Lua.