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Clone Fill

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A new fill tool, Clone Fill, lets you simply drag the image through a selection mask opening and deposit it there: this is a quick way to remove blemishes.

In this case we took a picture, with the Sun in our back, casting our shadow. We can easily select the shadow region and then drag and drop a better portion of the image, same ground floor but without shadow, into the designated area.

Direct links: CloneFill.mp4video.mp4 | CloneFill.theora.ogg | CloneFill.webmvp8.webm 

After selecting the shape, use blur on the selection (not on the image) in order to prepare it for a smooth transition of the existing image to the transposed image along the border region of the selection.

Here is an example, comparing the image before and after fixing it:

The Europa filter was used first to create a grey pattern and the Artistic > Weave filter was added over it. Bot somehow, a tagger came bye overnight and painted a happy face on it. What to do?

Here's the original image first, with happy face. Then below that you'll see the image with the happy face removed by using clone fill.


happy face
                          - before 'removal'


happy face
                          - after 'removal'


removing people from a Photo, standing in front of a duck pond