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  The Crystalize Filter - Improved

The Crystalize filter is not new, but it's been significantly improved in this release.
It now has a 3D lighting (shading) effect as an option. It also acts more in real time thanks to new optimizations and multithreading. The more cores your PC has the better.

How to start the Crystalize filter:

If you're new to the Crystalize tool, here's how to access it from the Filter menu:


Initially a fairly simple interface is shown, but it already has new options for shading, and for expanding the interface to the right.

Click on the box on the right side to expand the interface.

More options will appear. You may recognize a strong similarity with the recently also improved filkter:

Render -> Cellular

Here are some examples of what's possible with this filter, and combinations with others.

<<< click for full view